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Mark E. Smith dead at 60

Started by Bisto, January 24, 2018, 22:35:10 pm

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No good deed goes unpunished!

No amount of anxiety can change the future. No amount of regret can change the past.


Admire his complete non conformity, but, Christ, The Fall tie with Atari Teenage Riot as the worst group I've ever seen.  Absolutely atrocious.

Supposed to have been a nice bloke, despite his grizzly persona...like me, then.
Anger is a gift.

Thailand Express

Saw them live once, decent night IIRC, much drink was taken though.

He certainly was a unique character who produced instantly recognisable music. RIP.


Been listening to Industrial Estate over and over again. Takes me back to listening to John Peel.

He was a true one off.
Legend in my own Mind


Never a big fan, never saw them live but always liked them. When I used to listen to John Peel all the time back in '79 and '80 I heard them quite a lot as you'd imagine, and I just found them confounding (like a lot of the stuff Peel played, to be fair). It wasn't until years later that I started to like them.

About 18 months ago (at a guess) Brix was interviewed on 5 Live and she said that she was sad that she wasn't in touch with him. He had some sort of grudge against her, apparently. She'd actually been to his house in the last couple of years, but no-one answered the door. She actually appealled on air for him to contact her. What a shame they couldn't have had some sort of reconciliation as friends.

I'm the same with some of my old girfriends. Some of them, even people I went out with for years, I couldn't give a toss if I never hear from them again. Others, I find it sad that we aren't in touch. A few others are still really good friends. Sorry, strayed off topic a touch there.