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July 22, 2019, 17:24:01 pm

Slayer calls it quits

Started by Thenop, January 22, 2018, 18:12:23 pm

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One more worldtour and they are out.


If they come around these parts I'll be sure to see them one last time. Even though the last few years they've become a very static act, and very rigid in setlist, I always enjoy them. Ferocious act back in the day as well. I remember Amsterdam '87 quite well, they appeared onto stage, shredded through the (Reign in Blood tour) setlist and 75 mins later they were gone. That left quite an impression on this 17 year old. Even though I had seen them in '85 as well in local club (no more than 250 people in there), this concert was way more impressive. Although I never forget standing outside of the venue in '85 thinking it was over only to hear Chemical Warfare blasting through the paperthin walls  ;D
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I'd like to catch this, missed them when they played Leeds Academy last time.

Saw them in Dallas with Anthrax and Megadeth two nights before I saw Rush (Time Machine tour) at the same venue; felt like I'd been beaten up afterward, but in a good way.  Just brutal. :)
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Sad it has to end but Tom's just not having fun any more cos of his back injuries.
I thought they would go on and on like motorhead but all loud things must come to an end.
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One last hurrah

Reign in Blood Tour, supported by Nuclear Assault, Birmingham Hummingbird. Easily the most intense/brutal I have ever been to

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Would like to see them bring Lombardo back for this but doubt they will......depends where they play in the UK if I bother.....seeing them without Jeff would be odd.....


Not sure I will bother

Im even avoiding seeing Maiden, have had a couple of bad gigs with bands that went on a bit too long which soured their legacy with me eg Rush, Motorhead, Think Priest were right on the cusp last time round, same with Saxon.
The new songs are an abomination

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Saw them last at The Apollo in Manc with Anthrax. They were immense, still. I'm sad they're calling it a day and will certainly go along for one last hurrah.