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June 20, 2019, 00:00:31 am

2112 Ireland

Started by HEMIS-FEARS, May 19, 2016, 00:15:12 am

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Just to let you know that the band "2112" (from Ireland) are playing in Dublin on 18th June 2016. Please check out our Facebook pages , 2112 Performing the music of Rush ...  or,  Rush Signals Ireland.
If you are in Dublin on that date, it would be a show not to be missed !!


Will try and make this !
You can check out any time you like but you can never leave!

Tom Garrett

Hopefully I'll be allowed 😎
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Brilliant gig at the Sugar Club last night - did you make it Tom?

All the material played was between 76 and 85 and included a stunning version of Kid Gloves which Rush have always shunned whenever I've seen them.

The sound was excellent and great use of a video back drop certainly enhanced the experience. They are a 4 piece with the vocalist taking keyboard duties.

Well worth going to next time they play.  The venue was packed too, so I'm sure they'll be out again.
You can check out any time you like but you can never leave!