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Started by Matt2112, January 14, 2016, 15:36:45 pm

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Another thing - 90125 and Big Generator were HUGE records for me in the 80's....this isn't really that, is it?

I like Fragile and Close to the Edge a lot.  The Yes Album is iffy, for me...and I don't really know the other stuff well at all..
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Oh mate, you surely must (re)try Going For The One. It's utterly majestic.

Going by last year's show, it's heavy on the Rabin material (which is of course a very good thing) and sprinkled with the best of the rest, i.e. the old crowd-pleasing classics.

The current situation of having two bands essentially using the same name is a bit ludicrous admittedly, but the other version still has Steve Howe, which is good enough for me; so I'll be seeing both incarnations within four months of each other, and I'm very much looking forward to both, which probably makes me a Yes fanboi, and I don't care.  ;D   8)
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Good ticket for York Barbican scored - on Trevor's side, naturally. :)

Blummin' best part of 90 quid all in though, so it had better be good now.  ::)
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