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New World Men - The Best Of Rush

Started by New World Men Band, February 05, 2015, 19:45:13 pm

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New World Men Band

February 05, 2015, 19:45:13 pm Last Edit: February 05, 2015, 19:48:40 pm by New World Men Band
Hello good people!

I'm new and I've been wanting to post here for a little while!   So, to hell the shyness, here's my presentation!   

Something like eight months ago, we started a new band.   Yes, another Rush tribute band.   Since there's already a gazillion clone bands, we asked ourselves what would be our angle?   How can we make this different? More enjoyable?   After much thoughts, we figured that we will NEVER be Rush, but we'd like to celebrate the music we all love!   Our mission was pretty clear:  We'd like to sound like RUSH, not be a another clone band.   We focused on the album/studio versions of songs, analyzing and charting every possible parts.  We started from there and built a nice follow up.   Our three first shows were success, sold out venues!   I couldn't believe it!   There's many hidden Rush fans in Montreal! :)

Now, I'd like to share two videos with you guys and we'd like your input!

First, we recorded Tom Sawyer.  Cheap low end camera, but sounds good: http://youtu.be/MONvUf6MLLk
Second, we recorded Subdivisions.  Better camera, still sounds good: http://youtu.be/If93NoRqH9o
Finally, we just released our Promo Video.  Many cameras, sounds good also: http://youtu.be/8UuucKOhR1Y

Let us know what you guys think about it!   I tried to embedded the videos in the board but it looks like it is not permitted in here.   I might be wrong! :D

Cheers, hope to hear from you guys!


Fantastic sound love the red jump suits :D when are you coming to the UK

Red Star

Wow! This takes tribute bands to a whole new level! Fantastic guys! Geddy can no longer sing in the same high register as you! 8)
You shall call me pisshead the God of Pintage I shall be...