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Counterparts are back - The Avenue, Leigh Saturday 31st May

Started by fleetwoodphil, April 28, 2014, 21:39:43 pm

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Yes after John's operation and countless other things (like recording albums) getting in the way, Counterparts are taking the stage once more at The Avenue in Leigh on Saturday 31st May.
Come along for the usual mix of top Rush tunes - a great venue with a great atmosphere and great people.
See you there.


One of the best nights out I had last year!
Come on guys lets fill the pub for this band on the 31st  8)
I want to believe......


Good luck with the gig bud, and i hope John is ok. I will not be there, as i'm at Stockport beer fest. But catch you sometime down the road.


Cheers Woody...be good to see you...enjoy Stockport  :)


Great gig guys, well worth the travel for us, as always.
Shame to hear that the Avenue is soon to be no more.
Noticed you DI'd fully last night...........positive crit.......noticeable mix quality difference from your previous amp'd set.......
Please keep us in the loop on future gigs, excellent night out!

I want to believe......


Thanks L3rxst - great to see you guys again as well and thanks for coming along to support us, it's much appreciated.
Yes we've consciously gone for everything DI'd and full in ear monitoring; it's made an enormous difference to us on stage and obviously made a difference front of house as well.
Thanks for noticing.  :)