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La villa strangiato - The spirit of RUSH

Started by zoony, December 11, 2013, 10:45:11 am

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Captain Ron

Quote from: Matt2112 on March 08, 2014, 12:21:51 pm
Stopped reading.

Actually Matt, you would like this band. Very good keyboard playing.  :)
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Heading for The Clifton, Sedgley for pre-gig liveners if anyone's about
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Red Star

Quote from: Fuzzy on March 09, 2014, 13:49:24 pm
Heading for The Clifton, Sedgley for pre-gig liveners if anyone's about

I know it well - it's an old cinema now converted to a Wetherspoons. Have a great night everyone, hope to catch this band and the rest of you at Eucon! :)
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Captain Ron

What a weekend! La Villa on Friday night and also on Sunday. What a stunning Rush tribute band! Last night's show in particular was probably the most technically accurate reproduction of Rush music I have ever heard by any tribute band. The only weaknesses I could detect were a certain emotional detachment in the guitar playing (although certainly no lack of technical accuracy and flourish) and the usual problem of the singer not really sounding like Geddy in the singing dept. Considering the singer is not singing in his native tongue AND he's attempting to sound like Geddy I think this is more than forgiveable. I would definitely add them to my small list of seriously good Rush tributes that I have heard which would be Bravado, Lotus Land and now La Villa Strangiato.

There were many points in the show where they sounded just like the real thing. I kid not. Very very impressive. Roll on Eucon! :)
"I was brought up to believe" (but never to leave beer)


Darn, I'd like to check them out as well,
I see they also do 2 shows in Holland, but as usual only far from where I live  >:(  :(
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Quote from: Captain Ron on March 10, 2014, 12:17:14 pm
The only weaknesses I could detect were a certain emotional detachment in the guitar playing...

I would agree with that for Friday's performance for sure. No goosebump moments for me on Friday niight although all the chops were accurately delivered. Last night was a different story! Wow! Lots of goosebumps, hairs on the back of the neck moments. And their Subdivisions - during the instrumental parts it sounded so like the real thing. Wow!

Their namesake song was stunning - the solo OMG. Natural Science - wow. So glad we went to see them both nights as the Sunday night was the winner for me.
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These guys drove over from Rome in a VW Caddy with all their gear, just themselves, no supporting crew whatsoever. To perform for us so amazingly with commitment and a wonderful passion, Friday delighted me, especially the bass - but last night they were all on fire :-)
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I didn't know what to expect last night, but let me tell you - these guys were the real deal. Obviously the vocals and the connection with the audience wasn't the same as it was with Bravado due to the language barrier, but even though that wasn't really a negative to me, I honestly couldn't find anything else that I could criticise them about. The musicianship was superb, and for me, the set list was to die for. Apart from Freewill, and I don't know why, they played the whole of ESL, and the remaining tracks off MP. Also we had Subdivisions, Natural Science and the opening and ending of 2112. There was a nice touch when after the guitarist played Brooms Bane, he went into the beginning of AFTK, but teased us by not playing the rest of it. I'm confident that when these guts perform at EUCON, you will all be well impressed. Great to see TRon, Fuzzy and Lynda also, as well as my long standing RUSH buddie, Iantheholte. They were all as impressed as I were with a superb exhibition of the best music going.


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