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June 20, 2019, 06:11:06 am

First Rush Album & Single on Moon Records.

Started by karl, October 06, 2013, 20:57:26 pm

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For me personally, I can't see the point in paying so much for something thats just going to reside on a shelf.

I've gotten into a habit of buying prints over the last 10 years...somr of them reasonably expensive, but they hang on my wall and I actually enjoy them, weirdly.

Still, thats just me.......
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Nulli Secundus

It's a lot of money but there are collectors who have probably been waiting for years to acquire one of those and will pay whatever it costs to get their hands on it.  :o
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Anger is a gift.


but can't you pick this up at Discogs or similar for a fraction of the price?


Red Star

Sorry for being a bit thick here but I don't understand - why is this record so expensive?
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It's the first pressing on Rush's own label and presumably pressed in very small quantities.

The 7" obviously features 2 Rush tracks not available anywhere else.

I have the 7" (although its actuallyy Brothers)
Anger is a gift.

Red Star

Ah ok, thanks for the explanation Hass - as you can probably tell, I'm not a collector! ::)
You shall call me pisshead the God of Pintage I shall be...

Tim W.

That's a crazy price. I notice it has been relisted at a reduced (but still crazy) price...

I think Wikipedia (and other sources) are still insisting that the Moon LP is a different mix to the regular  issue. It isn't. I have owned various copies of the first LP, including the Moon version, and they are identical recordings/mixes.

I made a CDr of my copy of the first single before I sold it. That will do me...