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A Rough Guide To South Shields

Started by ianb, October 11, 2012, 22:37:27 pm

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I just spent the last 2 hours typing up a detailed and witty run down of bars/restaurants and attractions in Sheelz and then having just about finished it... I promptly deleted it by accident! Arrrggghh!

So here's a minimalistic version because I could not possibly do all that typing again.

The following are maybe the bars that are the better of the bunch.


Real ale - The Maltings (micro-brewery about 5 mins walk from The Office near Town Hall with about 10 ales on at any time and vast selection of lagers/ciders also), The Alum Ale House (next to ferry landing behind Market Sq), The Stags Head (near library), The Wouldhave (Wetherspoon not as nice as most spoon outlets), The Mile (next door to Spoons)(modern style pub but usually has 2 or 3 ales), The Steamboat and The Riverside (both on Mill Dam off Market Sq).

Food/family - The Wouldhave, The Mile, Life Of Riley, Yates (all town centre on Mile End Road within yards of each other).

The Sun Dial lots of kids usually, The Rattler (made from train carriages, classy-ish), The Sand Dancer (nick-name for the folk of Sheelz, good menu) and The New Crown are all along the sea front.

The Grotto is an unusual pub hewn out of the cliff face at Marsden Beach. Its a few hundred yards up from the famous steep bank that the Great North Runners have to come down on the final mile of the run. A lift takes you down from the top of the cliffs. A great place to sit with a pint and watch the icy North Sea waves crashing onto Marsden Rock on a stormy day!

There's lots of estate type pubs that do the usual pub fayre but I can recommend The Fountain for value for money for this type of bar and Bob who runs it is a cracking bloke.

Fun pubs - The Brunny (5 mins walk from The Office at Laygate, rough and ready offering pole dancers, strippers etc. Free entry debauchery but not sure what time the entertainment is on offer these days as I haven't been in for a while, wear armoured clothing if tempted).

There are wine bars and nightclubs but I never go to those so can't offer any advice there I'm afraid.


Well... what can I say? Sheelz is pretty much obsessed with curry, curry and more curry.

After the event the place to definitely head for is Ocean Road. There's guest houses all along one side and Indian restaurants all along the other side. I think I counted 26 the last time a took stock of the number! Ocean Road (unsurprisingly) leads from the town centre to the sea front. There are a couple of other choices - Italian and Chinese - but the main attraction is ruby!  Most of the Indians are open till 1 - 2 in the morning (some possibly later) on weekends. I haven't been in all of them but can defo recommend The Spice Garden as it offer contemporary takes on many dishes (plus it sounds like a hot Rush song!). But take a walk down the whole street before choosing because they all quite different and individual.

There's not much else in the way of sitdown eateries other than the Taybarn at the Premier Inn where many are staying anyway no doubt and places like Wacky Warehouse/Sizzlers and similar edge of town places like Frankie & Bennies etc. There's a Kentucky Fried Chicken just yards from the The Office also. There's a Toby Carvery in Cleadon Village - extremely posh part of the town (actually it has a Sunderland postcode but its Sheelz really!) for anyone who needs a good 10 feet high Sunday roast dinner to counter the night (or should I say day) befores indulgences (The Office also do Sunday carvery).

Of course Newcastle is only a 25 minute Metro ride away for anyone who wants fancy restaurants and bars etc.


It's the sea front and coastline that we're best known for in Sheelz. Nothing better to get over a heavy night than a brisk walk along the beaches and up over The Leas which is where the Great North Run ends of course. Fantastic views over the whole of south and north Tyneside, the harbour, piers, sea front and out over the North Sea of course.

There's also good vantage points along the Tyne from the market square down the Little Haven Hotel which overlooks the harbour between the piers.

From the Market Sq you can hop on the ferry which takes about 10 mins to cross the Tyne and you can then have a walk along North Shields fish quay. There's a few trad pubs and a couple of fish and chip restaurants along there which are spot on.

We also have a free museum which is small but interesting apparently (years since I've been in there).

If the weather stays fine and clear there's loads to do and see round here for anyone sticking around for a few days.

All that remians is to say... totally buzzing about this weekend and can't wait to meet you all at some point in the proceedings!

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Nice one Ian - looking fwd to a few beers round these parts
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