Clockwork Angels Tour.

Started by Dixkot, September 07, 2012, 18:24:32 pm

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 Here's the first rumour I've seen


If that's the set list I'll be one happy hector.


That would be a good serlist but it's an awful lot of new/never played/hardly ever played stuff. I'm not sure they'd want to learn all of that. Also, JL doesn't feel like a set closing track to me.


I saw that earlier and thought it was as plausible as it was implausible. I still don't think they'll do the whole of CA though.

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Not sure about the encore, a bit predictable and would be nice to have something different.
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I don't know why I'm mildly excited about finding out the setlist as there is usually a sense of slight disappointment when I do find out.


Hope the losing it choice is correct,JL a strange choice for a set ender.
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I must admit, I thought the set-list was just wishful thinking...


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Where's Second Nature? I heard that was in the set.
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Hmmm interesting setlist but Alex hinted below that they are not playing the full album.

Also the tourbook artwork suggests they are playing more than a couple from Signals....


This seems to be the best chance of getting the true American set list first. Hopefully some photos too. Ahh the wonders of modern technology. If it'll work ok!

Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Begins - Set List Revealed LIVE
Rush Clockwork Angels Tour

    It's been 433 days since Rush last took the stage, closing out their 2010-2011 Time Machine Tour last July at The Gorge outside of Seattle, Washington. Tonight, the band returns to open up their Clockwork Angels World Tour at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    The tour, currently set to encompass 34 dates during 2012, will hit spots around the U.S. and Canada. After an extended break, Rush will resume the tour in May of 2013 to play across Europe for 10 dates. More concert dates have been promised from the band, but will likely not be announced until the end of the 2012 leg. For a complete tour date listing, click HERE.

    Excitement and debate has been raging in the online Rush community over the set list for the tour. Rush's announcement that they'll be touring with a string ensemble, a first for the band, only further whet the appetite of fans and fueled the speculation about the potential for old songs to reappear - or make their debut - under the live setting.

    As I will personally be in attendance at the tour opener in Manchester, I plan on posting the set list, LIVE as it happens on this page. I will also be posting pictures and pre-concert news right here as the day progresses (technological snafus not withstanding). So stay tuned to this page for updates throughout the day.

    And for those who are also going to the show tonight, have a great time!

    [ Click to Reveal the Clockwork Angels Set List]

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I'd be happy with that if it's true.

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If you want track by track as it happens and have Twitter, follow   RushinNH

Promising the fastest track info


if anyone have the urge to add up these songs to see the total time (to check if this could be it) feel free ;)

not made up my mind yet about this set-list
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Latest ''Rumour''....YYZ (with strings) + SUBDIVISIONS + TERRITORIES (with strings) heard in soundcheck  ;)
Subdivisions was played last so could be set opener?? Would tie in with Tour book Signals theme?
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