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Started by Glen Bayfield, November 24, 2010, 12:05:46 pm

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Glen Bayfield

Hi Lads, Long time no see.

I.m on the lookout for a Ticket for the 02 In London.

Are we getting Priority Tickets like we did on the last Tour?

Because I am not sure how to go about getting a Ticket to be with you Guy's & Gals. as Craig Bayfield (my American Son) LOL got them via this site

If someone could let me know what to do as I don't want to miss out

And do I buy it from you lot or the vendors?

Can someone e-mail me please glen.bayfield@ntlworld.com.

I as most of you know Disabled, from the last time we met, But it has got worse so I now have to rely on Crutches to get me from A 2 B unless i use the Car, and live on benefits, so won't have the cash for this gig for 3 weeks so I'm begging to get a ticket before they sell out
SO if one of you wonderful people can buy an extra ticket i will forward the money to you straight away.

I will be Calling Craig tomorrow and letting him know the tour is now on.
He was Lucky enough to go and see them in Chicargo on the 5 July (His Anniversary) and has made me feel Ill telling me how good it was.
Maybe I can Get him Over for this one, it'll be great to see all you peps agaiin.

Cheers  In Advance lads

If it's Spelt Wrong, It's because I'm Criative...LOL


Hi Glen,

There's no TNMS ticket allocation this time round. Almost everyone got their tickets in the pre-sale that started yesterday. General sale is Friday.

There are tickets available in the Ticketline pre-sale still, but nothing currently in the front blocks, although I'm assuming that if you're on crutches you'll need to be seated. It may be worth speaking direct to the O2 box office to see what provision they have (from memory there's a section to stage side in block 101)

Ticketline pre-sale link is :  http://minisite.ticketline.co.uk
Password is : BU2B

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Glen Bayfield

Cheers Bez.

I have been to other 02 venues and they realy look after Disabled people, even have someone going to the bar for my Beer when i went to see the Answer last Dec.

I'll have to hope it don't sell out as I won't have the Cash for 3 weeks.

So If when the Day arrives someone has a spare ticket going, pleaase give me first refuseal?

and Let me know where all you peps are meeting before the show, I'll be there to have a few Jars with you all.

All the Best
If it's Spelt Wrong, It's because I'm Criative...LOL