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Started by Chris Quartly, June 29, 2010, 14:54:56 pm

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Chris Quartly

Anyone been out with the barbecue yet this summer? Now I have a garden I'm looking forward to getting the coals out.

Any tips or recipes? I tend to do the obvious so looking to do something a bit more interesting.
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Exactly what i thousgh and I asked for a birthday present as I love them, they appeal to my eat all you can and pyromanical tendencies. In the past we normally start around Easter with the bbq's and go on until October, just something different to do.

There are tons of recipe books out there. I like fish on a bbq, sardines and mackerel in particular. They are firm meaty fish and don't break up, lovely served with a homemade chilli tomato sauce.

Stuff like trout, salmon is little too delicate and the flavour gets lost.

I think it's not so much what you cook as what you use like marinading the meat before hand or basting it if you can so it's not just chargrilled flesh it has some extra taste. Or serving it with salsa's type dishes and sauces.

We're having one on Saturday and again next Saturday and I am going to get so rat arsed you won't believe it. ;D
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