40 Years Ago I Was Sitting In A Field

Started by Slim, August 11, 2019, 14:51:45 pm

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A friend and I had had a lift halfway down the A1 courtesy of a truck driver from my Dad's place of work, and we hitch-hiked the rest of the way down to Stevenage, 40 years ago today.

Then we sat in a big field and watched Chas & Dave, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Utopia, the New Barbarians (with Keef and Ronnie from the Stones). And Led Zeppelin.

We'd found a nice spot for the tent, and somehow we managed to find it in the dark after the gig. I'd had the presence of mind to bring a small torch.

It was a memorable weekend. Decent weather as I recall. We drank quite a lot of warm Newcastle Brown. I recall Nicky Horne was the event DJ. I recall going into the pubs in Stevenage and putting Beck's Bolero on the jukebox.

Quite a contrast from my previous gig two weeks earlier which was Saxon in a little club in Hartlepool with about 60 people present.

While there were some exciting moments - the lights coming on and the band launching into Song Remains The Same with everyone going ape is my principal memory of the occasion - truth be told, it wasn't a good gig and Pagey especially was sloppy as feck. The atmosphere sort of died on its arse after the first ten minutes, but it picked up again later on.

This was the very last UK gig performed by the original, classic lineup (ie with John Bonham).

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