Mel Galley seriously ill with cancer

Started by pdw1, February 08, 2008, 12:58:20 pm

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Saw an article on Blabbermouth pointing to this

It looks like he does not have long to live.  Very very sad.


Whitesnake star dying with cancer
World-famous Whitesnake guitarist Mel Galley is seriously ill with cancer, the 59-year-old Staffordshire musician has revealed today.

The rock legend from Cannock has broken the devastating news to friends that he only has a short time to live after recently being diagnosed with the disease. It comes just a month before the star was due to take to the stage again with a new band after years away from the spotlight. Mel said:
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Sad news - I could have sworn that Deano posted about this last week.
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That's a shame. I remember the Trapeze reunion years ago - just checked, 1991, yikes.
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QuoteSad news - I could have sworn that Deano posted about this last week.

yeah I mentioned it in the Whitesnake tour thread although a the time the prognosis was more positive

sad news

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Very sad indeed. Such a great musician. :(
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