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June 26, 2019, 03:30:10 am

Bought a CD recently?

Started by Slim, March 13, 2004, 23:40:25 pm

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Bought an album that I often used to see in the album racks in the record shops of Hartlepool in the mid '70s, Paul Kossoff's Back Street Crawler. Contains a 17 minute Blues rock jam called Tuesday Morning, strongly reminiscent of Eric Clapton's 15 minute guitar wig-outs with. Derek and the Dominos

rufus the dawg

Hawkwind - love in sapce


Had an amble round the HMV in Bromley while waiting for the good lady wife to finish work. 

I bought one of those 5 disc "Classic Albums" series of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. It features Framed, Next, The Impossible Dream, Tomorrow Belongs To Me and Live. Not bad for 9 quid.
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Bought Dogrel, the debut album released a couple of months ago by Fontaines DC. Quite distinctive stuff. Also finally upgraded ZZ Top's Tejas to CD, having owned it on vinyl since 1985-ish.


2 new CDs from Rockosmos (Amplifier's record label) arrived yesterday and very good they are too

Dead Blonde Stars - Keepsake
like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains reincarnated in 21st century North England

Awooga - Session
Brilliant trippy Stoner, Space rock
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Just bagged a 2nd hand copy of Muse : Showbiz

I'm expecting it to be quite different to today's output.
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