"Suvvern rock" love it or not?

Started by Steve_Harrison, February 02, 2004, 21:52:06 pm

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I`ve been listening to quite a bit of "Suvvern rock" recently and just wondered if theres any like minded `Suvvern rockers " lovers out there. Ive included quite a bit of Skynyrd  mainly because there the  best LOL So get your JD out and git votin` Hell yeah!


It is a pity that LS are best known for two songs which I won't shed a tear for if I never hear again. They recorded many many better songs than these hoary old dinosaurs. So I've voted for Tush.


Where's the Allman Bros. selection ?


voted for blackfoot,not a great lover of suvern rock,but quite partial to a bit of blackfoot and skynryd ''marauder'' by blackfoot is a classic  ;D
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rascal houdi

I love the 'Suvvern' stuff. Skynyrd, Blackfoot, ZZ Top, The Black Crowes &, particularly at the moment, The Allman Brothers Band & Gov't Mule.

Voted for Tush in the absence of some tracks that I'm not bored to death with!
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I thought about putting more obscure stuff in the list but then decided with sticking with what people had heard  Allmans  :o far to many to list  ;D
Black crowes  suvvern :o Nah id say more `small faces` rip offs oh aye there from dahn sarf aint they  :o cor yer `avin` alarf aintcha !!
Thats my southern accent  for you crap aint it  :'( lmao

rascal houdi

I think you mean Rod Stewart & the Faces in comparison to the Black Crowes, Steve, not the Small Faces, who they sound absolutely nothing like ::).
They're from Atlanta, Georgia or somesuch, which I believe qualifies them as 'Suvvern', but I can see why you may not want to lump them in wth the others.

Better add Cry of Love to the list as well. A fine, if short-lived, band.

Steve, if you've not heard Gov't Mule yet PM me! ;)

There's only two Phil Spectors in this world...and I'm one of them! (Guy Stevens)


Voted for Green Grass.... Havent heard it in years but seem to remember it had the traditional Southern two day long guitar solo, so thats fine by me ;D

And by the way the Small Faces were a stunning band with the late, great Steve Marriott at the mic - and a completely different one after Mr Stewert joined them - not bad, just different ;)


I loved the live version of Green grass  it went on forever  lmao
Govt mule  :-[never heard them sorry, cant discuss  ;D


Voted for La Grange, but if Gov't Mule or Allman Bros would have been on the list, they would have gotten my vote....

Really love Gov't Mule these days, thanx to Rascal Houdi, who recommended them a while back....


Quite like this genre even if it does veer towards C&W at times or should that be the otherway around!

Freebird has been played to death and whilst a landmark song I'm a bit bored of it at the moment, and Blackfoot's Highway Song is too similar to be just an 'homage'  :D

Always liked 'Gimme Three Steps'  but that's not on the list so I'll vote for Sweet Home Alabama.... must go play 'One more from the road' again.

The Letter R

Wot!! No Doc Holliday song to vote for :o :o :o
Yeah - I love the "sound of the south" had to vote for Freebird - obvious but the best 8) 8)

Spirit of Rich

Kev, you are quite right, 'Marauder' by Blackfoot is an absolute classic, and my no.3 album of all time !!

The last song on it 'Searchin', is the greatest Southern Rock tune ever, IMO. 'Highway Song' is mighty fine too, so it got the vote.

The South will rise again !

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Led Boots

What about CCR? They had some pretty big southern rock hits in their heyday:Proud Mary, Around the Bend, Fortunate Son, Heard if Through the Grapevine, etc.

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