Started by Paul_Bluett, November 22, 2002, 19:38:54 pm

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Have you checked out these guys as they are big rush fans (Even called their live album - Exit Stage Right). Very big at the moment and playing live around the country now.They are from London and XFM can't get enough of em'. Also checkout the Saturday Classic Rock Show on Virgin at 8:00pm (Tape if you are out) DJ luv's Rush and plays them every week!



Someone today just told me to check this band out!

Apparently they are similar to The Police?

I need some info, can anyone advise on cd's & tours etc.


They did that "Starbucks" song that was in the charts in the summer...


I bought Exit Stage Right when I saw it in a shop about two years ago - only listened to it once, but would describe it as 'not very good'.

They chuck in a famous Rush riff - probably Cygnus or something, I can't remember - at the end of one of the songs.
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