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Started by Huw_Richards, October 03, 2002, 19:10:37 pm

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Does anyone rate the Scottish prog band Pallas.Their last album 'The Cross And The Crucible' had Some nice Rush influenced guitar,bass,drums riffing like Cygnus X-1.


First of welcome to TNMS...

Second of all, Pallas Oh My God!!! Bearing in mind I'm from Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, and there are a few more Aberdonians on here the name Pallas WILL ring a few bells.


They're a class band.They've got dvd coming out soon(Get your arses in gear Geddy,Alex & Neil and no sound cock ups this time!)Check out http://www.pallas-uk.com/


I have The Sentinel somewhere in my record collection.
Man, it's been ages since I've heard (from) them.
Dat geluk verdwijnt voor geld

Ahoy, Ahoy, Ahoy, Ahoy, Madison Square Garden, Wembley Arena, Ahoy, Ahoy, Ahoy.



Pallas.....fit can I say.... ;D

I've seen them more times than I can remember....the first time would be about 20 (yes twenty!  :o ) years ago in the Copper Beach pub in Aberdeen...

I often see Graham Murray (extremely good bassist) at the football (AFC of course).

If you do not have it, get the live double CD...a cracker..Chris, you would adore it!

Personally I prefer Ewan's vocals and certainly stage presence to Allan's. Ewan was mega Gabriel influenced and early Pallas were miles ahead of Fish with stage theatrics.

I know the guys fairly well. We actually recorded a demo out at their (now defunct) recording studio Icehouse near Echt (know it Stew?) too many years ago. Neil Matheson (guitars) mixed it for us.

I cannot recommend their stuff enough if you like prog with definite RUSH influences. They are all huge fans of the band, especially Graeme Murray (he loved his Rick 4001 AND Rick doubleneck). You would never know that he is a solicitor  :o!

Just go their website and buy their stuff....




Oh dear I'm sorry, but they represent all that was very very naff about 'progressive rock'

oh dear oh dear


I reckon I've seen Pallas 6 or 7 times, including The Marquee, and I love them. They were around at the same time as Marillion first came to attention, and for a while it looked nip-and-tuck who'd go on to stardom. I believe Marillion actually supported them a few times!

Ewan definitely had a more distinctive edge in the vocal department, but I thought stuff like The Ripper just went a bit too far in the theatrics dept. Crown of Thorns, though, remains one of my favourite songs, EVER.

I remember playing pool in the Tam Dhu in Bannockburn prior to one gig, and my girlfriend (now wife) observing "Who's that scruffy, shifty looking bugger over there". "The singer, dear". "Oh". (T'was Allan)

There are definite Rush influences - the instrumental section of Ratracing has always sounded like a direct lift from The Camera Eye.

For all that, I didn't like The Cross and the Crucible very much!

Chris Quartly

Cheers for teh recommendation, George. I'll try and pick up the live CD when I get some money  ;D
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