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July 22, 2019, 16:59:37 pm

Pink Floyd - DTS CD's

Started by Stewart, July 23, 2002, 15:53:30 pm

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Just found this on a list of dodgy audio Cd's

It would seem that the original QUADRAPHONIC records of some of the best Pink Floyd albums have been transfered to DTS Audio CD's

Personally I'm getting DSOTM. But you can also get, Atom Heart Mother and Wish You Were Here (that I know of, there maybe more).

Dave Brenchley

Just spotted this thread. I am assume you are downloading these  ;)

I have been getting them and think they're really good. DSOTM is the best as it is the cleanest source and has a lot of sound effects that lend themselves to surround anyway. WYWH is cool too but the source is less good and you can hear that it came from a tape.

What I like about these are that they are original mixes that the band did in the '70s when quadrophonic was supposed to be the next big thing - Not some dodgy new remix.

It seems there is also a trend for people to feed their existing stereo cds through some sort of ambient surround generator to make DTS disks. Now that IS pointless.

Meddle has appeared in the last few days so I'll be checking that out soon......
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I didn't bother getting WYWH, tell me how meddle is :)


I still like the sound of 'normal' CD's on a good (i.e. English, btw) sound system.
Certainly the older Pink Floyd stuff sound great on such a system.
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