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Started by Ashley, August 12, 2003, 05:12:40 am

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My wife has just told me that Rush figured in a book she has finished. Needless to say it was derogatory to the band!

Something like *** is to a (good car) *** like Rush is to Rock music!

I'll find out the book & exact quote tomorrow!

But it got me thinking, any other examples out there of Rush figuring in any other book fiction  / non - fiction out there in the real world?

Stu Clark

I can tell you about one - 'cos I wrote the book about four years ago!!!!   :D

It is a non-fiction popular science book called 'Life on Other Worlds and How to Find It'.  I wanted a light approach that the general public could enjoy and I also wanted to make it clear that alot of the book was my considered scientific thoughts about life elsewhere (I had finished some post-doctoral research at the University of Hertfordshire, that convinced me life should be common and widespread throughout the Universe) rather than the cannonical view of science in general.

Anyway, I called the first chapter Test for Echo, as in 'Is there anybody out there?' and took it from there, making a number of small references to Rush.  In the back of my mind was that perhaps someone would see it and show it to Neil in his darkest hours, so that he could know his life's work had influenced and inspired me in my scientific endeavours.

The book got a pretty mega 2-page review in New Scientist, so perhaps the reviewer was a Rush fan too!


QuoteI can tell you about one - 'cos I wrote the book about four years ago!!!!

Stu Clark


Sorry mate, not that book at all!



The only Science Fiction my wife reads is her cook book!




My astronomical research has been questioned before but never called science fiction!

Stu Clark

Should have been Gastronomical research, perhaps...? ::)

I quite like that as well.

Ian Harris

Has anybody read Douglas Coupland's 'Microserfs'? It has TWO Rush references.

1. DC sets up his characters at the beginning by giving the Jeopardy quiz categories each person would choose. One techy-developer character includes in his list Neil Peart, drummer for Rush.

2. Coupland writes something on the lines of how geeks were mocked in high-school. Now they have computer jobs and big salaries, they can afford nice things, work til 1.00 am if they want to and play Rush in their nice new sports cars.
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Craig Bayfield

QuoteHas anybody read Douglas Coupland's 'Microserfs'? It has TWO Rush references.

I did, LONG before I was a Rush fan though... I'd re-read but it was a library book...
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