'Talking Books' II

Started by Mark_Williams, November 25, 2002, 18:02:40 pm

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Which book shall we review next after Robert Rankin's masterpiece?

If you don't fancy any of the above, please make known an alternative slection for consideration by everyone

pp Mark W

Ashley Davidson
Plump Bookworm


Sorry Mark I have said this a dozen times, Neil's Stare is being offered the option of choosing the next book as a way of getting him involved. Should he decide not to recommend a book then I will unlock your poll and we will use that.

Don't take the huff, it is all in the talking books section, has been for days.  ;)


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Well you'll be waiting a bloody long time Mr Bookworm


QuoteWell you'll be waiting a bloody long time Mr Bookworm


Like I say -end of the day  ;)


One of these days Neil, I mean Mark, one of these days!  ::)



Well Mark, you've really set the literary world on fire with those books haven't you?  ::)


I don't recall your first vote being that popular amongst everyone  ;)

I did say that people could suggest alternatives -I'm not a bloody mind reader as to taste  ;)

Anyway - Post Office is winning and that's proabably one of the best books ever written - so I'm happy

I'm surprised Slim hasn't suggested at least 50 books that are better than my choices and gone into lengthy detail as to why they are and why my choices are flawed  ;D

Anyway as PR guru - perhaps you should consider publicising this section a bit better?  ;)  ;D


Put your handbag down at once!  :D

The gold lame does not go with your leopard catsuit!  ;D

PR is one thing, but if members are interested (& can read) then they will find this bit.

God you're easily huffed, time of month is it?  ;D



It was all done tongue in cheek - hence the smileys  ;D

I thought if we made sure we put smileys, people would know we were having a larf  ???  ;D

You sure you're up to book reviews?  ;D


Looking like the Post office!

Any comments?


I'm still reading Robert Rankin, so I probably shouldn't think about the next book yet. To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye are the ones I read already..
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Because Christmas etc. is approaching fast, I suggest we go with The Postman.

I also suggest that beacause poor Ron is still plowing through The Antipope, we set a review date of @ 6 weeks.

So Jan 18th.

Any other books or other suggestions, please let us know now.

BTW, AFTK is blasting away in the (fore!) background, and every second is pure magic.


Well I havenlt read the 'postman', but I think it should be the Post Office - I think Rankin to The Post Office is about right.

One extreme to another - ahhhh the joy of books