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"Been away so long I hardly knew the place.."

Started by Dave_Pierce, April 06, 2005, 20:11:18 pm

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April 06, 2005, 20:11:18 pm Last Edit: April 07, 2005, 00:46:16 am by Dave_Pierce
"... gee it's good to be back home!"


Quote"... gee it's good to be back home!"  :D

The rumours of my demise have been greatly exagerated.... Dave MP is alive and well and living in Toronto!  :)

I haven't been around these parts much for the past few months cuz I do the vast majority of my posting during slow times at work, and things have been hectic to say the least this year!  :o It's an occupational hazard when you're involved in system project work as I am... you have your crazy times and you have your lull times.

Fortunately, it appears that a lull has come about so I hope to be skulking around here a bit more often for the forseeable future!

Welcome back, old friend!! :) :D ;D

Oor Wullie

Do I know you?  Never seen you here before!!!

HAHA only kidding.

Welcome home Dave!  ;) ;)
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Ahhhhhhhhhh, so thats why you didn't respond to my PM that I sent about 2 months ago!  ;)
Anger is a gift.


QuoteAhhhhhhhhhh, so thats why you didn't respond to my PM that I sent about 2 months ago!


Nice to see a familiar face return to the fold.  :)

Tom Garrett

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Welcome back Dave, good to see ya again  ;).


Anger is a gift.


Welcome back Dave.

Not get your arse down to Sporting Gen Chat & get modding.  ;D