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" free " ringtones

Started by zoony, February 13, 2005, 02:14:04 am

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I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I'm not much of a mobile phone man, we have one for emergencies, and thats about it. My eldest son, who is 12 later this month, had a mobile for xmas, a Samsung on the o2 network ( pay as you go ). He is a very sensible, and careful boy and asked us if it was ok for him to put some " free " ringtones on his phone, off the internet. I said it was ok, as long as they were free, and he knew what he was doing. This was a couple of weeks ago, and everything has been fine, he very rarely uses the phone to make calls, just taking pictures, ( it has a camera ) and playing these ringtones. About an hour ago, he came to me and his mom, crying his eyes out, saying that virtually all his credit has gone off his phone, and he has'nt made any calls. All the ringtones he put on there, he has now deleted. I just tried ringing the o2 customer helpline, but it is out of hours. I will try again tomorrow. It looks like he has been ripped off with these so called " free " ringtones. Could anyone confirm my fears, or give me any advice? I would hate to see him upset like that again. Thank you.


All right now,thats a good free ringtone
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Sorry mate, can't help. I am one of those old fashioned people who think a phone should sound like a ..........phone. Not a bloody juke box.......scowls.......
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Before contacting O2, it would be a good idea to get hold of the details of the company who were offering the free ringtones.  O2 will need these to look into the possibility of fraud
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Try and find the website(s) your lad got the tones from Zoony. Hidden in the small print you will probably find the answer! These sites rip you off big time by offering 'free' tones - only by accepting the free one you are entering into a contract to buy tones on a weekly or monthly basis. You can usually stop them by texting a stop message to the number quoted on the site - you'll spend hours trying to find it though! May be better to do a google search on 'free ring tones rip off' or something like that - thats what we did and found a number to text to, and the correct message - it has to be spot on to work. even then it takes a week or two to kick in. Sorry i cant remember the details it was a while ago now:-/

If none of that works its new sim time - O2 may well not be off much use - they'll say its nowt to do with them!

Hope you get it sorted.


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QuoteAll right now,thats a good free ringtone

I understand Paul Rogers has that one on his cell phone, Mick.
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I understand Paul Rogers has that one on his cell phone, Mick.
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I had a similar problem as well.  Only the thing is that I was sent a text giving me free ringtones and wallpapers for my phone.  I didn't realise that every time this company sent me a text, they were charging me
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Nice one Willie - sounds like that will do the trick for Zoony :)



I had a similar problem as well.

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Only just read this thread. I am glad you got this sorted for your lad Zoony. As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch - or ring tone for that matter. If it sounds too good to be true then it nearly always is. :(
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Thanks for taking your time to give me such a good piece of advice Willie, much appreciated  ;). I am happy to report though that i sorted it out last night. My son showed me the website concerned, and after reading the smallprint, i found a text number, and e-mail address which to contact, and cancel. Thankfully, he received a text from them this morning saying the charges have been stopped. I suppose one good thing to come from it, is that he has learnt a harsh lesson, but could have lost a lot more money than he did. I told him that you get NOTHING for free in this world.

Glad its sorted - like i said I bet it was VERY small print though ;)


Yes pleased it's all sorted

Also well done to everyone who offered advice - what a nice site this is  :)
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QuoteYes pleased it's all sorted

Also well done to everyone who offered advice - what a nice site this is