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General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
« Last post by Slim on December 13, 2018, 15:03:29 PM »

Ok split it in 2. May Deal or ERG run off to face Remain in the final
There are a few problems with this, unfortunately.
The first, and critical one is that the result of the first referendum has not been acted upon, yet. It should not be contingent on the same result happening twice in a row, purely because the losers didn't like the result.

The second one is that although we have a draft withdrawal agreement, we don't actually have a long-standing deal to manage our affairs with the EU in the longer term. If the remoaners were to lose a second time they would undoubtedly stir up sufficient angst and drama to be able to pretend that a third referendum became necessary.

So in other words, in order to have a meaningful say in who governs them andleave the EU, the people would end up having to score a hat trick of referenda. Democracy, that ain't.

By contrast, you can be certain that if the remainers got their way next time, the "people's vote" boat will have sailed, and in all likelihood we will never again have a chance to have a say over our membership of the EU in a referendum.

What you have to remember is that the folks who are so keen on popular democracy and another referendum now are mostly the very ones who were dead against having a referendum in the first place.

A third problem is that a referendum with an option to leave is a cast-iron, nailed down guarantee of the worst possible final deal from the EU. Remember that they don't actually want us to leave. They have to have an incentive. They must be given the choice: a reasonable agreement or no deal at all. Because if one of the options is for us to remain, then a reasonable agreement won't be their preferred choice. Put simply, they will take the piss. As they already have.

And that's why Labour's "any deal at all is better than no deal" schtick, which Theresa seems to be a recent convert to, is essentially insane. Because it literally means "I'll take whatever you eventually offer".

So Theresa, for all her faults, at least knows this - we cannot afford a second referendum with the option to leave. She has to rule that out. Because if she doesn't, the EU will not budge at all.

By the way IMO a fourth problem with a second referendum kick in the teeth to the millions who won the first referendum and just expect the government to get on with it, is that in all likelihood it will result in a resurgent far right in this country. We've already seen what the left's own impotence and frustration in recent general elections did for the extremist far left. It's now in charge of what was once a mainstream political party.

General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
« Last post by DavidL on December 13, 2018, 15:01:31 PM »

Was actually about to post the very same idea until I saw your post.
Or just keep going until we get the 'right' result
General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
« Last post by Slim on December 13, 2018, 14:42:42 PM »
If you knew on the day of the vote, what you know now, would you be more or less certain of the wisdom of voting to exit the EU?
More, certainly. Actually much more - simply because we've seen the EU, and those who dogmatically subserve to it in our own country, in their true colours over these last two years. The determination to punish, for the temerity of leaving their club. The underhandedness, including leaking private conversations to the media. The patronising, never-ending insults against those of us who made an entirely legitimate and rational decision - not because we are all racists, xenophobes or thick but because we want to live in a self-governed country, in charge of its own borders, laws and territories that doesn't pay billions each year into a budget consumed by poorer nations who are not accountable to us. The fifth-largest economy in the world should be able to make a pretty good fist of that.

The sheer dishonesty of the scaremongering that has gone on over these last few years. The endless duplicity.

And above all - the sheer, brazen, illiberal contempt for the result of the referendum.

I used to think that the desire for the UK to remain in the EU was misguided but at least mostly rational. As time goes on I find it harder and harder to support that latter proposition.

General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
« Last post by Slim on December 13, 2018, 14:31:16 PM »

This is disgusting.

I will all so remind you other disgusting words you have written in these pages.

Not impressed.

These comments about Gina Miller are outright racist, you have in those few words shown your brexit to be racist.
No they aren't, they merely reflect the fact that she's not actually from this country, but determined to act against its people. Yet again you genuinely seem to have no clue about anything whatever. Nor, apparently, can you type in comprehensible English.

Football / Fanatsy Football Game
« Last post by Bez on December 13, 2018, 14:17:59 PM »
Afternoon all,

A mate of mine is trying to develop his fantasy footie game as a business.

As part of this he's offering a free trail at

The game looks complex on the surface, but is pretty good once you get used to the premise...(we've been playing in pretty much the same format for over 20years)

Basically, you buy a squad of up to 17 players from the PL & The Championship and play head to head matches against other players in your division.
Players score points for not conceding goals as a keeper or defender, winning as a midfielder and scoring goals as any player.
Each player can only be owned by 1 manager per division, so only one Harry Kane or Mo Salah for example...

Instructions for the online auction of players and how to play the game are on the website.

if anyone has any questions feel free to drop me a PM or comment on here

Free trail registration closes at 21:00 tomorrow.


DVD/Movie/TV / Re: What's in/on Your DVD/VCR/PVR etc #17
« Last post by Reg on December 13, 2018, 13:35:20 PM »
Still working my way through Bones on Amazon. Near the end of series 5 now and over 100 episodes watched. Really really enjoying this.
General Chat - English / Re: Earworms - 2
« Last post by zoony on December 13, 2018, 13:26:14 PM »
Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by Bisto on December 13, 2018, 13:25:49 PM »
Weird isn't it how music can produce such different responses in any two people. Except for Blue Monday and a few Kraftwerk tunes I just cannot listen to dance music...tbh I'm not even sure they're in the same category. I lstened to the two examples you promoted and had to skip through both all the way through.
Have you heard of Astropilot?
DVD/Movie/TV / Re: Watership Down and Christmas TV
« Last post by Bisto on December 13, 2018, 13:16:11 PM »
The mini series was great. Very political, much more faithful to the book in that sense than the film but the budget for the special FX was the equivalent of 1960's Doctor Who

The great shame and missed opportunity of the failed Jodorowski project was that it actually got so far as it did conceptually. The set designs in the film were great but can you imagine how fantastic the Mobius designs from the Jodorowski project would have been?! on screen?

The Jodorowsky's Dune documentary is available on Netflix
General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
« Last post by Bisto on December 13, 2018, 13:06:20 PM »

Ok split it in 2. May Deal or ERG run off to face Remain in the final

Was actually about to post the very same idea until I saw your post.
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