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Fan Meets / Re: EUCON 2019
Last post by zoony - Yesterday at 16:51:56
Quote from: Matt2112 on August 15, 2019, 22:25:33 pmFFS. Here's the bad news: my band have been invited to play at a big local weekend festival during a prime slot which clashes with the Saturday night; so there's no way I'll make Eucon that night.  :(

The better news is that I should still be able to make the Friday night instead.  :)  Overnight stay TBC.
One night is better than nowt mate 🙂.
TNMS News / Re: TNMS v2.1 - RC2
Last post by zoony - Yesterday at 16:49:41
Quote from: Stewart on August 15, 2019, 21:20:25 pmTry this one ... :)
Cheers mate, much better 🙂.
TNMS News / Re: TNMS v2.1 - RC2
Last post by zoony - Yesterday at 16:48:43
Quote from: rufus the dawg on August 15, 2019, 16:23:32 pmHey david we agree this is hopeless, where is the quote button. Essential in annoying you David! hehehhe
Not like you two to agree on anything 🤣.
Events / Re: Bloodstock 2019
Last post by Richard_2112 - Yesterday at 15:22:45
I had a feeling you'd be there ARH. Shame our paths didn't cross.

It was a bit of a weird experience being at Bloodstock. It was my first time at this festival and it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It's a more extreme music but the atmosphere was so chilled out. None of the arseholes that you would come across at Download. I'm not particularly into the more extreme end of the metal spectrum so I wasn't too bothered by the more diverse line up this year. In fact the highlight acts of the week for me were Dee Snider and Queensryche.

A part of me was very glad we didn't win the Metal to the Masses competition because I found the New Blood stage to be really boring with no variety of the acts. The Jägermeister stage, although small, was quite the highlight (and I'm not saying that cause my band played that stage) as all manner of different rock/metal sub genres.

I found the selection of both food and drink to be the best I've had at a festival. None of the big standard brands on offer, and for what you got was well worth the money.
Events / Re: Bloodstock 2019
Last post by Jonners - Yesterday at 11:57:08
Watched it as well, made me really smile!

Yes, the "walk" off. Had you broken your back while drumming, you did look a little restricted.....

(And I love Ten Ton Slub, saw them about 3 years ago in the New Blood tent, brilliant band and really liked the front man)
TNMS News / Re: TNMS v2.1 - RC2
Last post by Slim - Yesterday at 11:38:09
Thanks Stew. IT admin's a thankless task eh
Bacchus Plateau / Re: Simple pleasures - food an...
Last post by Matt2112 - Yesterday at 10:33:59
Brought back two bottles of red from Kefalonia.  I was of the understanding that both were Kefalonian, but I think something was perhaps lost in translation (I wasn't trying to speak Greek - maybe next year) and one of them was from some other part of Greece.  

Anyway, tried a bit of that one last night; now, Greece isn't exactly famed for its wine and, to be honest, this was evidence of why and wasn't very good.  Not undrinkable, just a bit cheap and lifeless.

Hopefully the Kefalonian will be much better.
General Chat - English / Re: 30,000!
Last post by The Letter R - Yesterday at 08:21:22
Congrats mate - I'm still a way off 10,000 
Buy yourself a pint to celebrate!!
General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
Last post by The Letter R - Yesterday at 08:17:05
I don't think a no deal is in the best interests of the Country personally but if that's the route then announce it now so at least the indecision is removed and everyone can plan for that. Customs papers / computer programs produced, processes put in place, people trained, businesses informed and infra-structure planned. Surely we're not going to wait until the middle or end of October before we declare our method of exit.....if we want to be out of Europe's Control then stop blaming them for not wanting to negotiate further, take the issue out of their hands and just say we're leaving on WTO terms on 31st October and move on.
If Boris is so sure he can handle no deal then play that hand now and get on with it.
A lot of Remainer frustration is bourne out of the Leavers own indecisions of how or what deal, more Remainers I think would be behind a leave deal if we saw the leavers had confidence in their own position rather than the "it will be alright" bluster.

Time to actually take control and move on Leavers and stop blaming everyone else. You won, now put your plan into action and prove to us that you can do this and it will work.
TNMS News / Re: TNMS v2.1 - RC2
Last post by The Letter R - Yesterday at 07:55:09
Quote from: Nïckslïkk2112 on August 15, 2019, 22:11:32 pmBetter. I can see what I'm doing. Although that isn't completely necessary when you type bollox, but I'd hate to type sense by mistake...

Just testing things out - this seems to be better - can see what I am typing and the quotes work again.
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