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July 19, 2019, 20:24:11 pm

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General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
Last post by Nick - Today at 15:45:02
This weeks Panorama is a must watch on the Iplayer..... David Davis is quite unbelievably useless. The EU were just so well prepared and professional compared with the revealing insights we get of the UK gov.
Events / Re: What's in Your Gig Diary -...
Last post by The Letter R - Today at 08:30:12
Well the Possessor launch gig was fun and very hot, the venue was tiny and the band played by the door so you literally have to walk through them to enter or exit - a polite sign on the outside says "please enter between songs"  - I think Mr Field may be a bit worse for wear this morning though  ;D
DVD/Movie/TV / Re: What's in/on Your DVD/VCR/...
Last post by Matt2112 - Today at 08:15:50
First Man

Quite good.
General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
Last post by DavidL - Today at 00:58:22
Quote from: Nick on Yesterday at 13:16:19So the OBR now calculates that a no deal Brexit will create a £39 billion economic bit and would cause a U.K. recession (this is not the pessimistic version).

Crazy crazy crazy, and Boris is waving around a kipper and again telling blatant lies.

We are selling our Country down the river.
Based on IMF forecasts - a completely dicredited organisation, when it comes to economic predictions.
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
Last post by Slim - Yesterday at 23:12:13
I left work early, having hatched a plan to do something a bit different - a sort of westward extension of the Orton detour from the Twycross route, going to a place called Polesworth in Warwickshire, then coming back east to rejoin the Twycross route near Pinwall.

So that's what I did. I took the Boardman, since I wanted to test the new stem. I took the necessary Allen key with me, just in case. I'd also adjusted the saddle slightly.

Dry, warm and sunny but annoyingly blowy from the moment I set off. Had to contend with a persistent, nagging headwind for the first half of the ride.

Enjoyed the new stretch of road over to Polesworth despite it being a bit hilly - some nice views. Polesworth itself is somewhat dismal and urban though.

My knees hurt a bit the whole way round. Why, I don't know. But if anything they seemed to improve after 10 miles or so.

Always nice to do the quiet stretch of road north of Bosworth on a sunny evening. I stopped at a bench at Carlton and glooped down an orange gel. I'd run out of cycling snacks, must get some more oat bars next time I'm in Tesco.

The bike felt a shade less comfortable on the longer stem at first but I got used to it fairly quickly. I'm certainly not going to change it again. I've repurposed the surviving red aluminium stem bolts as cage bolts on the Cannondale to replace the steel ones, thereby shaving a sliver of weight off. And they look nicer. The spoke nipples on the Cannondale are red so they go quite nicely.

Anyway 32.61 miles which takes me to 2027 this year. My original target for 2019 was 2112 miles (currently it's 3000) so I'm pleased about that. I suppose 3000 miles is starting to look a bit too easy now. I'll think about that over the weekend.

Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player e...
Last post by Bez - Yesterday at 23:12:05
Quote from: Jonners on Yesterday at 09:42:22Immolation-Atonement
Desolate Shrine-Deliverance from.....
Sorcerer-The Crowning of the Fire King

Unlikely to get Bez too excited, but for the metal fans out there 3 very, very good albums.

All taken from the 4.5 stars out of 5 section on Angrymetalguy.com
Here it has been some "no-man" and Lisse (seen as support for Jack Savoretti in Dublin recently). definitely a different vibe :)
General Chat - English / Re: Brexit watch
Last post by Bez - Yesterday at 23:10:29
To be fair, after they factored in the economic upturn caused by a "no deal" the overall figure including tax revenue losses and the fall in house prices, rise in inflation and contraction of GDP was £30billion a year net loss....
General Chat - English / Re: The Conservative Party Lea...
Last post by DavidL - Yesterday at 15:52:43
Quote from: döm on Yesterday at 12:53:52Good times for Johnson and his followers.  Bad times ahead for the country.

And his piece de resistance last night about the kipper is complete nonsense.  The regulation he was blaming on the EU was in fact UK law as delivery to the final consumer is not in the remit of the EU.  Complete BS from the BSitter par excellence
Yes it seems that Kipper-cooker's fishy tale is a red herring - caught Boris, hook, line and sinker. Obviously Jeremy Hunt supporters.
General Chat - English / Re: The Conservative Party Lea...
Last post by DavidL - Yesterday at 15:01:12
Quote from: The Letter R on Yesterday at 13:24:01Well the shortest serving PM was what 119 days - I reckon Boris may beat that.....we shall see....
I think you could be right
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