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General Chat - English / Re: Annoyance of the Day - 69
« Last post by Matt2112 on Today at 01:25:49 »
Proper balls-up at Leeds Academy for Extreme/Dan Reed Network tonight.

Still a massive, glacially slow queue outside - in freezing cold - when DRN started so mickpaz and his mate and I missed the large majority of their set.

I’ve never seen such a shambolic operation at the venue, it’s usually smooth as clockwork.  Really took the shine off the evening. ☹️
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Nïckslïkk2112 on Yesterday at 20:42:24 »
in which case you need a time machine for Christmas.
Only a month out isn't bad for me, being as most of the time I think it's still the 70s...
Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by Nïckslïkk2112 on Yesterday at 20:16:58 »
And now the vinyl:

Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz
Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny
Yes - 901266 (The Black METAL remix)
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Nick on Yesterday at 17:57:48 »

I've got - well I've not got to - but I want to fit in another 165 miles before the end of November

in which case you need a time machine for Christmas.

Not been out for 3 weeks, resigned myself to carb loading in December and a fresh start in January. (i know ..pathetic).
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Nïckslïkk2112 on Yesterday at 17:26:56 »
That was hard work today. Not having been on the bike since last Saturday didn't help and neither did the cold. Still at least I did manage to get up to the Moors today. I took it very steadily, because I'm losing fitness and because there were still patches of icy snow stretching out into the road in places. So steadily that I set slowest times today, but circumspection was the order of the day. I didn't want to end up on the deck like Slim.
The flatter roads on the tops were even worse, they don't see a lot of traffic and had preserved snow cover better than the surrounding fields. Looking over to the Western Moors they were still thick with snow. It looked nice.
I've got - well I've not got to - but I want to fit in another 165 miles before the end of November to equal 2016's mileage. I'll be satisfied with that.
Rush Releases / Re: AFTK 40th Anniversary Release
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 17:19:48 »
Hmmmm.  Interesting. Well,...I considered your verdict that my reply was, "fanboy nonsense".  I re-read what I had written, and, upon further review, have decided that you're just plain wrong.  My reply included merely questions, or, facts.  My first point was just a question, which has gone unanswered.  Similarly, my second point also simply posed a question, with a logical conclusion.  My third point was a simple citation of definitive ignorance.  And, my final point was in fact, an accurate reference to the time it took, from stem to stern, to put this fantastic package together.  So, "fanboy"?  Sure. But,...aren't you?  Aren't we all?  Isn't anybody who checks in here...who contributes here....who shares or debates here, exactly that?  "Fanboys", or, "fangirls", that is?  So, I won't disagree. I'm a definitive, "fanboy", and quite proud of it.  "Nonsense", though?  Clearly, that's just wrong.   
   I hope this helped...

The assertions you refer to here as "facts" are actually opinions. My own assessment of them was also an opinion, but I don't think it was wrong. The term "fanboy", at least as I use it, describes a certain tendency to unthinking sycophancy - which I don't subscribe to myself.
Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by Nïckslïkk2112 on Yesterday at 13:53:13 »
Leisurely lunch with some Euro Prog:

Machiavel - Mechanical Moonbeams
Museo Rosenbach - Zarathustra
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 13:33:05 »
Possibly the most challenging ride I've undertaken. Got up early in the hope of doing 40 or so, assuming the roads would mostly be clear. Got my warm gear on, mounted the hybrid and set off at 08:17. Decided to do one of the usual Twycross routes. Up to Packington, down past Snarestone, so far so good. But as I approached Twycross I realised that the road surface was becoming a bit slippy - I had to pedal and steer very carefully, though even as I did I could feel the wheels slipping slightly. I took the most hazardous patches as carefully as possible.

But even so, I slid and came off the bike somewhere north of Twycross. Banged my shin just above the left ankle, presumably on the pedal but although I can still feel it, I don't seem to have done any damage. I also banged my right hand on the road, but the glove took the brunt. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and continued, very carefully - dragging my right toe (I was in trainers) to test the road surface every now and then. Here and there there was no friction at all - it was scarily slippery.

Once I got through Twycross I took the usual right turn toward Sheepy, but thought better of it almost immediately. I didn't fancy descending the slope just ahead of me if the conditions were anything like I'd experienced half a mile earlier, and by the look of it, they were.

So instead I went straight down the A444, which was fairly wet but mercifully free of ice. It was snowing slightly by this time. No problems at all until I took the left into Fenn Lanes and hit an icy patch again immediately on the turn. The bike went straight over as soon as I turned the front wheel.

Again, I wasn't really hurt but once I'd picked myself up I noticed that the hybrid's straight bars were now angled at about 40 degrees to the front wheel (like most riders, I favour a 90 degree angle). Fortunately it seemed fine once I'd bent it back into place. Stem not tight enough? I'd have to blame Halfords, I've never touched it myself. Then again it's done a few thousand miles without a hint of trouble until now, so fair dos.

Anyway I made my way along Fenn Lanes, carefully and slowly, but the road surface there was mostly safe apart from a bit of slush in the gutter. The snow had turned to rain now. I stopped at the bench at Sutton Cheney as I usually do, but didn't sit on it as it was soaking wet. Encounted a bit more treacherous icy road at Cadeby, which I negotiated very carefully and slowly again.  Then through Market Bosworth and up homeward the usual way until I got to Odstone, where I stopped to send 'er indoors a text and change DAB batteries. I also stopped the track recording on my DIY-repaired watch as it had done 2 hrs, 40 mins by this point and I didn't trust it to preserve the track if the battery died. I'd intended to use the phone to record part two of the track and I did, but only remembered to press "start" after about 350 metres. I've done the maths. I took a right at this point to come through Ibstock rather than Heather, in pursuit of clearer roads. And they were fine. Just wet.

My feet were very cold by the time I got back. I actually thought they were wet as well, my trainers being of questionable water resistance. They seemed to feel rather damp. But actually when I removed the trainers and socks I discovered they were bone dry, just cold.

The bike was filthy of course, and I rinsed it down using the garden hose, then a can of GT-85.

33.53 miles, less than I hoped but I'd had enough by the time I got to Bosworth. 302 to go. Just about doable but the weather will have to improve.

DVD/Movie/TV / Re: What's in/on Your DVD/VCR/PVR etc #17
« Last post by Matt2112 on Yesterday at 11:56:34 »
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Bit disappointing; far more bloated than the first one and lacks a lot of its zing and verve. 

On the plus side I watched it in 3D and it delivers on that score; a real feast for the eyes, plus it gives the subwoofer a great work out, so for the purposes of demoing home cinema systems this is a terrific film to use.
Other Bands / Re: Bought a CD recently?
« Last post by DavidL on Yesterday at 00:38:57 »
Shed Seven - Instant Pleasures.
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