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General Chat - English / Re: Election!
« Last post by Slim on Today at 11:55:12 »
A comment under this YouTube video reads: "anybody who sees this and still votes for Corbyn needs to be committed to a mental institution´╗┐". And I think that's fair.

Have a look at what Corbyn's "better way of doing things" did to Venezuela. Inflation in four figures, massive unemployment, slum hospitals without basic equipment, medicine or even soap. People queuing outside supermarkets with empty shelves.

If you really want that do us all a favour and go and live in Venezuela, don't vote to bring that here.
General Chat - English / Re: Election!
« Last post by DaveC on Today at 11:17:33 »
As a neutral I thought that JC was the better of the two. TM looks increasingly uncomfortable off-script.

As a Civil Servant I KNOW that TM was being a lot less than truthful on Winter Fuel Allowance. Yes - there will be a "consultation" but I KNOW that options have been appraised and plans have been made ............ the consultation will simply go through the motions.

That aside - what I thought initially was going to be a realty drab and dull election is turning out to be quite interesting. No-one has done enough to grab my vote yet though.     
Football / Re: Arsenal 2016 - 17
« Last post by Dave64K on Today at 11:00:12 »

Great FA Cup win even if Chelsea were surprisingly lacklustre. First goal a bit fortunate but we played better, showed plenty of fight and deserved it in the end. Just need to do that every week for a prem run.

;Would be fascinating to be a fly on the wall at the Kroenke Wenger meeting yesterday. Looks like the Board meet today to be informed of how that went!
Football / Re: Celtic FC 2016-17
« Last post by Gman on Today at 10:58:35 »
Rob, I know it's nothing personal and you're a genuine football fan. To be honest, there's been a lot of dialogue and comment on Talksport amongst others, prompting this debate, mainly for clickbait traffic, it has to be said?

The truth is, I have no idea how Celtic or any other Scottish club would fare in English football. It'll never happen anyway, but I'd just like to see a bit of a fairer split of all the revenue generated throughout Europe, and indeed in Scotland for starters.

Your team are a shining example of how to run a club, it's a pity there isn't more like them.

All the best


General Chat - English / Re: RIP John Noakes
« Last post by Matt2112 on Today at 10:52:16 »
My hometown loses one of its favourite sons.  RIP.
General Chat - English / Re: RIP John Noakes
« Last post by Jonners on Today at 10:28:04 »
The baby elephant.....
Football / Re: Fantasy Premier League - 2016/17
« Last post by zoony on Today at 07:40:24 »
I spent hours deliberating over one transfer for the final day, and in the end it cost me winning another mini league I was in, and an extra £30. Hopefully I've learnt a bit more on how to play this game now.
Football / Re: Celtic FC 2016-17
« Last post by zoony on Today at 07:36:47 »
GMan, You've got to expect comparisons to be made when a lot of you Scots are always keen to tell us down here that Celtic would comfortably finish in the top 6 down here (which we'll never know about hopefully). Nothing personal mate 😉.
General Chat - English / Re: RIP John Noakes
« Last post by zoony on Today at 07:27:48 »
A true kids TV legend. RIP John.
Other Bands / Re: Motorpsycho
« Last post by Thenop on Today at 06:41:31 »
If you want to buy their entire output in one week, well yeah, that can get expensive ;D
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