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DVD/Movie/TV / Action Team
« Last post by Reg on Today at 13:26:58 »
Great to see Tom Davis in action again. Murder in Successville was right up my street, and so is this spy spoof.
Whilst Tom is great in the lead role, I think he is having even more fun as the evil enemy Vlad. Nice to see Vicky McClure in a comedy too after the intensity of Line Of Fire.
DVD/Movie/TV / Still Game - series 8
« Last post by Reg on Today at 13:16:53 »
Caught me by surprise this - but I've caught up through BBC iplayer now.
Events / Re: What's in your Gig Diary 2018
« Last post by Jonners on Today at 11:05:52 »
Got Wilson tomorrow night (Thrsday 22nd), then King Goat in April. Excited about that one, less so about Wilson at the moment
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Jonners on Today at 11:04:54 »
One of the benefits of having a smart trainer is the ERG mode on Zwift, which nicely monitors/changes the power and cadence setting for you. I do recommend at some point getting one
Football / Re: Arsenal 2017 - 18
« Last post by Slim on Today at 10:47:10 »
I'm OK with it against Argentina, I make an exception there.
DVD/Movie/TV / Re: The Walking Dead
« Last post by Matt2112 on Yesterday at 22:15:40 »
Boringboringboringboringboringboringboring.  Four eps left?  TFFT.
DVD/Movie/TV / Re: Question Time / This Week #4
« Last post by Matt2112 on Yesterday at 22:12:46 »
It's in Leeds in a couple of weeks Matt. You applying too?

Would have done but it’s for under 30s only mate.  Ageist gets.  :-\
Events / Re: What's in your Gig Diary 2018
« Last post by Nick on Yesterday at 21:55:30 »
I think she appeared early on in Europe and is on as part of the USA leg. He is filming the RAH gigs so perhaps she may make an appearance there.
Events / Re: What's in your Gig Diary 2018
« Last post by captainkurtz on Yesterday at 21:41:10 »
Steven Wilson in Cardiff tomorrow.
Has Ninet turned up on any of the dates yet?  Don’t think she has, has she?
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 19:58:19 »
The roads looked sufficiently dry, though a few clumps of snow persisted, to permit a run out on Boardman I this afternoon. So I downed tools early and went to the garage to lubricate its chain and other bits. As I emerged from the garage though, it began to rain. Not heavily, but enough to tip my I-can-do-without-this-o-meter into the red zone.

A cursory examination of the rainfall radar later revealed that a single three or four mile clump of rain had made its way across the British Isles, right over my house.

Anyway I came back in to work for a bit, then later went back out to do a virtual 15 on Boardman II instead. Took a long time to start up what with Zwift updates and whatnot, not to mention forgetting to switch Bluetooth on on the phone. But once everything was ready I did the very pleasing 14.7 mile Greater London Loop followed by another .3 miles to knock the distance up to 15.

Lots of people around and I amused myself by keeping up with and occasionally overtaking a similarly-paced rider in a camo jersey, just the sort of thing I must get for myself in real life. Hoped to get round in 45 mins but managed a bit over 46 in the end. But that was a seriously good workout, breathing hard all the way round and sweating profusely.

Not sure why but my mode of riding on the trainer is markedly different than in real life. For one thing I pedal the whole time, whereas in the real world I freewheel down inclines. I definitely push myself harder, I suppose because I'm aware that it's a fitness-maintaining exercise in essence rather than a recreational one.

I need to adjust my profile to knock off a few pounds, and push my power : weight ratio up a bit.

Haven't been out on a non-virtual road on a bike for 12 days, and I've only been out twice this month - partly due to holiday commitments but also because of awful weather. But the forecast is starting to look decent and I'm hoping I can still get the March Fondo in at the weekend.
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