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DVD/Movie/TV / Re: Hidden Figures
« Last post by Blastzone on Yesterday at 21:48:56 »
Its excellent
Musicians / Re: Guitarists - Post Pics/details of your gear
« Last post by Matt2112 on Yesterday at 20:56:38 »
Nice one Matt, how are you getting on with the Yamaha?

Had very few opportunities to have a play so far, James, but I already know it’s a better fit for me than the Angelus.  It’s more versatile and just plays easier.  Haven’t tried it in a gig setting yet, but from what I’ve read it’s a stronger all-round performer than the PRS in that environment. 

I’ll be much more active gig-wise soon so I’ll be getting my hands on it a lot more in the coming weeks.  But early impressions are very good. :)
Rush News & Chat / Re: RUSH fanzine
« Last post by Chalker the Stalker 2 on Yesterday at 18:58:36 »
I stumbled across my first copy of TSOR at the Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street, and yes have a complete set in a box somewhere.

Essential reading for Rush fan back in the day, when ordering off of was a new experience and full of anticipation.......... 
Musicians / Re: Guitarists - Post Pics/details of your gear
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 16:22:12 »
Nice one Matt, how are you getting on with the Yamaha?
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Nick on Yesterday at 15:00:36 »
Lashing down in Devon. Decided to run 5km on the treadmill in the garage, unused since last Jan. Managed it to a soundtrack of Heaven and Hell, but I can feel soreness in my hips already.
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Nïckslïkk2112 on Yesterday at 14:56:53 »
Covering of snow here this morning. Now it's switching between rain and snow. Can't even be arsed to go down to the garage and do some bike maintenance, as it's so numbingly cold. Mrs S isn't going out to see her mother either, so I can't use the kitchen as Bike Maintenance Central :(
Rush News & Chat / Re: RUSH fanzine
« Last post by mikeyboy on Yesterday at 14:23:17 »
i was a subscriber to the spirit of rush. like someone else said pre internet days apart from kerrang!/metal hammer etc there was nothing nowhere else for any rush info, so Mick and his team's fanzines were very much appreciated. was buzzin when that brown a4 envelope used to arrive on my doormat! loved reading those fanzines and still have all of them. never met Mick but to a fanatical rush fan those fanzines were a godsend and i hoped he and his team realised it and just how much it meant to this rush fan and many of its other readers.
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 13:24:45 »
I did 15 virtual miles. One slight technical mishap when the Zwift app lost the connection to the sensors in the trainer after the first couple of miles, but I recovered quickly by restarting the Mobile Link app on the phone.

Loads of people out there today, a lot of new people I think. I overtook a massive bunch of them in the first few miles. Found that I was overtaking a lot more people than I was being overtaken by. Probably due to loads of noobs being out on the roads of Watopia on a Sunday.

I reached for a bottle of Lucozade Sport on a nearby shelf while riding, flipped open the lid and put it to my lips. It felt a bit different somehow .. almost as if the nozzle had been chewed by a mouse. It had. That grossed me out quite massively, but I mouthwashed with Dettol on returning to the house.

Saw someone with a virtual bike with a near-identical colour scheme to my Planet X! Right down to the black / white hoops above the rear dropouts. I want one.

Changed the pedals on the Cannondale, so they're sporting the Shimano PD-R550s that came in a bag of goodies with the second Boardman now. Couldn't find the copper grease but I think there was enough residual grease on the threads of the cranks.

Speaking of pedals - I still have the strappy ones fitted to the second Boardman and while they're harmless enough on a trainer they would be a bloody death trap on the real roads! I couldn't get my feet out of them without reaching down and flipping the buckle on the straps.

And speaking of death traps - as I entered the garage I saw that I had taken another rodent life. Not quite so tidy, this time. It had approached the bait from a 45 degree angle and got whacked by the corner of the spring bar. Still quite effective though, and I'm sure it was quick. Right over the neck. It had barely touched its last meal so I bagged it, flipped back the spring bar again and it's ready to go. That's six in total since November.

Glad to have done a bit of Zwift and bike maintenance today, I felt a bit jaded and frustrated yesterday after having done nothing much useful all day.
DVD/Movie/TV / Coco
« Last post by captainkurtz on Yesterday at 11:17:52 »
Pixar's latest offering, saw this with Wife and the 2 kids last night.

Brilliant - animation is jaw dropping, excellent story line, very funny and extraordinarily uplifting and emotional.  Definitely worth a visit to the cinema....
Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by pdw1 on Yesterday at 10:45:15 »
Chemical Brothers - Dig your own hole
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