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Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by Bez on Today at 09:06:42 »
Led Zep - IV

Often overlooked in these parts due to its massive repuation and general "over playedness"

Its bloody great in parts
Football / Re: Arsenal 2017 - 18
« Last post by döm on Yesterday at 22:54:57 »
If the club had been further along with its succession plans for Wenger last Summer I think he would have left afterthe FA Cup Win. He stayed on and a poor season coupled with succession plans firmly in place has led to his departure.

I think the early announcement was a nice touch by the club allowing Arsene to get the send off he deserves.

The Europa league would be a fantastic finale but the error prone defence seem certain to make things very easy for Atletico
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by döm on Yesterday at 22:07:12 »
It doesn't get easier, you just get faster - Greg Lemond

He definitely has a point. It's annoying though when you travel along a stretch you barely noticed was an incline before becoming an uphill struggle
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Nïckslïkk2112 on Yesterday at 21:46:06 »
and hopefully the more I get out the easier I'll find it. 
It doesn't get easier, you just get faster - Greg Lemond
Football / Re: Arsenal 2017 - 18
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 21:44:20 »
I think so, probably mostly due to poor attendances at the Emirates of late. But supposedly he'll say more about it at the end of the season.
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by döm on Yesterday at 21:41:00 »
Just 60kms this weekend over the 2 days. Finding it a bit of a struggle as I recover from the chest infection. Still felt good to be out and hopefully the more I get out the easier I'll find it.  Aiming to get out for one or 2 evenings for an hour this week.
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 18:56:23 »
Another nice day with no rain forecast. I withdrew the Cannondale from the garage once again, and pointed it eastward. I thought it might be rather nice to have a coffee and a sandwich at Costa Coffee in Melton Mowbray, a location I've cycled to or through a few times in the past.

Lightweight clothing on again and what unalloyed bliss to be gliding along Ashby Road on a decently surfaced road in the sun, on my most agile bike. Over the Soar into Nottinghamshire, through Rempstone and Wymeswold, along the hilly bit near Asfordby then into Melton where I hung a right into the pedestrianised area of the town centre (I didn't bother to get off the bike) and cabled the bike to a lamppost just outside Costa. I ordered an Americano, a salad sandwich and a bakewell tart and consumed them at a table outside, in warm sunshine. What an absolute joy.

My Garmin Foretrex gave a low battery warning on the approach to Melton so when I got to Costa I switched it off, clogged over to Boots and bought 4 AAAs. I replaced the two dead ones while drinking my coffee. So convenient, and that's why I bought it. It just picks up where you left it when you switch it on, recording the same track.

I had actually brought my Shimano cleat covers with me, but I just clogged around in bare cleats. I must stop doing one or the other.

So after a delightful half hour relaxing in the sun outside Costa, I set off again. My legs and knees were holding up pretty well - I can still feel them, but they didn't give me any trouble - so rather than heading straight back I thought I'd continue on for a couple of miles before heading back. I vaguely remembered taking the B676 east out of Melton on a previous ride - probably the Norfolk trip - so I did that. After about three miles I saw a left turn to a place called Freeby - and I thought - why not? Who can resist a Freeby, after all. But after about a mile, after turning into the village proper,  the road seemed to degenerate into the sort of narrow, bumpy, gravel-spattered path that you don't really want to take a road bike along. So I didn't. I turned round and headed for home the same way. Nice little village though, very quiet.

Annoyingly, after Asfordby on the way back at the 40 mile mark, conditions darkened, the temperature dropped and shortly after that, it started to rain lightly. I was plagued by occasional light rain for the next ten miles but once back over into Leicestershire, the rain dried up, the sky brightened up nicely and I was back in warm, fine weather. I stopped at a bench near Belton. I sat carefully, because it had nettles growing up through it.

The last 15 miles coming back from Rempstone usually seem a bit of a chore - I particularly dislike the first five of them, for some reason. But today it didn't seem a grind at all, I was still in high spirits and enjoying myself, even with a headwind to contend with. I even briefly considered staying out for another 35 to make it 100, perhaps by adding on a Twycrosser. I seemed to have plenty of energy and mojo left, probably as a result of having a relaxing refuelling stop at Melton.

No interesting wildlife, just a few dead badgers by the side of the road. I saw a pheasant legging it across the road in the path of an oncoming Land Rover near Wymeswold, but it took flight just before being thwacked and escaped death by about an inch.

Once again I could feel my knee joints a bit but they never threatened to give me any trouble. Encouraged to have done 65 without any bother. My quads started to complain slightly over the last 20 miles or so but I'm not bothered about that. Just means I'm toughening them up.

64.98 and that's an acceptable 385 this month. A bit more during the week, I hope.
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Nïckslïkk2112 on Yesterday at 18:47:16 »
After all yesterday's uphill work, my legs were feeling a little bit leaden, so to cheer them up I let them take out the Summer bike for its first spin of the year. Now I really want to check the levels of sealant in the tubeless tyres but being as it hasn't been ridden much and being as last but one time I pumped them up there was an escape of sealant I thought I'd risk it.
Can't say as a lightweight carbon bike made much difference, but it was quite blowy out today and I kept having great trouble clipping my left shoe in. Must loosen the tension on the pedal methinks, it was taking up to a mile at times to get clipped back in which ain't much fun.
At least I managed to get in a few never before travelled roads before, or at least never travelled in the way I'd done today. I wish I'd not done one though as it's an awful lot steeper going up than down.
The legs whilst not feeling that good on the way out felt great as soon as I got off the bike and no problems with foot ache today.
DVD/Movie/TV / Re: Question Time / This Week #4
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 17:16:44 »
Emily's claim on Question Time that UN red tape was to blame for the delay in independent specialists visiting the attack site has made it into a Grauniad piece, and the Politics Home site:

Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by Analog RH on Yesterday at 10:41:23 »

The Hyena Kill - Spun

Yes, it's on my label. But I can't stop listening to it. Deftones meets A Perfect Circle in Manchester. Went to their EP launch show at a packed Deaf Institute in Manchester last night. Gig of the year so far. Spun is out on Monday, but the singles Exit Mask and Pound of Flesh are on Spotify now.

For anyone interested, next few dates:

22.4 - Glasgow, The Garage Attic
23.4 - Newcastle, Think Tank Underground
24.4 - London, Old Blue Last at Shoreditch
25.4 - Bristol, Mother's Ruin
10.6 - Download Festival
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