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A Setlist Parody of "The Trees"

Started by BaldiePete, April 15, 2008, 22:40:57 PM

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Yeah I didn't make that clear did I...as opposed to unofficial live releases...any excuse for a new parody  :)

Can we have a parody of LVS?
Better drowned than duffers if not duffers wont drown

Quote from: Bisto on March 14, 2014, 15:11:15 PM
Yeah I didn't make that clear did I...as opposed to unofficial live releases...any excuse for a new parody  :)

we need either a new album or one of the members to do something in their private lives that will inspire us to song... or another box set which is released for purely money purposes...
From the Land of Honest Men.

Quote from: pdw1 on March 14, 2014, 15:42:05 PM
Can we have a parody of LVS?

VSL ?  how's that  ?
From the Land of Honest Men.

and in anticipation of R41..

Forty one years ago, it was a decent show
No comedy vids you'd be seeing
Lately it's just been a waste, overlong and lacking taste   
Set list surprise, won't be hearing

A new tour is the word
A new show full of t@rds
Will any old stuff re-appear
Admission price will be sky high
VT tunes will make you cry
They're playing all of bloody Fear !            

Watch his anger rise                                 
When Peart does arrive               
Belting pots and then gets going
Another show to do
Limelight don't count as new               
They don't mind, pensions are growing         

The end of this cash cow, hairlines receding now
Has Lifeson recently been weighed ?      
The banter is stale, Snakes was an epic fail
Pray to God it won't be played.            
From the Land of Honest Men.

There is unrest in the country
Thought the Indy vote a breeze
But the result wasn't quite right
And now poor Salmonds's on his knees

The trouble with the pollsters
(And they got it about right)
They say the turnout was  quite lofty
Lots of voting on the night         
But the SNP are reeling
What a cock up they have made
Seems the nation's turned the tables            
It's the end of their crusade            

There is trouble in the country
Is the SNP now dead  ?   
As wee Alex's screaming "Freedom"            
Tossed the towel in now i've read

So the Scots stayed in the union
And they've got themselves more rights
These powers should be speedy            
And the future's looking bright         
Now i've just got one more question
What if it had been a draw ?
We'd have had to have a sequel
That's run
Denis Law.
From the Land of Honest Men.

R40 and possible sping tour.. must be parody time again...

Red Sector A

Heard the news next spring they're playing live
Topping up the pension pots to help them to survive

40 years they're turning grey               
'Bout time they just went away
Peart plays he waves and runs
You bought VT , unlucky son

Lifeson up on stage just watch his hair recede
Geddy's singing's  not ideal               
Peart's just abrupt i feel               
Another DVD is what we just don't need            
Boundless lame releases and endless greed

Ticket price insanity
Pray for some reality
The cost of seats has gone sky high
Your credit card                  
Just wave bye bye

Tried to get a seat but think i'm just too late
I'm on Ticketmaster here                                          
Could be last tour of their career ?                                             
For me and my girlfriend, it was a date         
But now i have to tell her that i'm not straight

Rehearsing for a year helps us play live
Money-making tour that's just so bad and ill-contrived
From the Land of Honest Men.

right  seems we're well on the way to Xmas so it's that time again..

Lyrics Fish and Jonners

Lakeside Park

The  TV Is appalling
Waste of License fee
UK Weather's Freezing
The same old malady
A thousand parents wonder
Will kids ask for more?
A pocketful of silver
And now were classed as poor

Christmas Break
Will the oldies Freeze?
Christmas Break
Too many bloody trees            
Stale Mince Pies
Broken  lights
Whining kids cause family fights

Days of festive tedium
Grandma overstays
Fights over drink drive limits
The tinsels up in flames
Drinking all my Black Grouse         
But leaving all the  beer            
Boxing Day is tragic   
Then its followed by New Year

I've been in a lather
It's the twenty fourth today
Working on my table plan
And festive lights display            
Buying presents is a bitch               
In this shitty weather      
Jack Daniels is my remedy
Seems Xmas lasts forever
From the Land of Honest Men.

New tour, riduclous prices..must be time again for a parody


Words Fish/Jonners

It's time to have one more go
To try and put on a show      
If you want to get a seat            
Wave your card and then you'll greet
More than just revival            
More than just rehash         
More about the bottom line         
It's about hard cash      

Have to leave something in my will         
The heartbreak of the tax bill
Got to show a brave face
As we to struggle to fill the place
More cash for your admission         
It's just plain simple greed
Half ten is the finish time
Neil then has a burning need
For a bike run

You'll be aghast                                             
At all the cash amassed                     
Nothing new inspires the blight
You get from these guys
Set Prices High
Then watch the comments fly
To the geeks its frightening
He dashes to pay
But the website dies

Over the years they have slowed         
But they keep going out on the road
The inspiration's died
Lots of songs they've just not tried
It's a three hour long performance
Where the hell's the spark
Need more than just a bloody sign                     
Got to try and find the car park
This is no fun

Reading Peart's books why waste the time  ?                                                   
With the tour he can't be arsed                           
You gonna need cash assistance            
First you need assurance            
Your credit card will last
From the Land of Honest Men.

"Proud father" moment!
The new songs are an abomination

new tour, duff setlist..parody time  :)


Seems that Rush are on the brink               
This tour it could be your last chance
Set list of lowly horrors
Expect they got a nice cash advance                  

They've planned it to play things                  
Wih songs that just ming                  
A setlist we cannot believe
The boys aren't inclined
And you'll be resigned                  
To three hours of muck ill-conceived      

The songs they choose and set aside depend on Geddy's voice         
Lots of stuff that is untried, but you don't get a choice
They won't choose songs we revere, so time for beer refill
A dreadful setlist that is clear
Where the hell's freewill
Seems the band don't think
The same songs which have no demand
They've forty years behind them
Heading for retirementland      

We all complain
And Peart looks pained
Just don't try and call him your mate
It's a disgrace
Seems the tour won't embrace
Any place for some European dates

Looking at the setlist here it's just a shocking choice
Hoping for some Hemispheres but Ged's not got the voice
Comedy vids will still appear and they just make me ill
Asleep by nine o'clock  I fear
Three hours is overkill

All of us                     
A yell of unfairness
This tour is incomplete                  
We can't attend
With the other bellends
UK week long tour that would be sweet.
From the Land of Honest Men.

new DVD, duff clips.... parody time

Words Fish/jonners

And the men who have high voices
Will slowly fall apart
Too old to face reality
Buying it ain't smart
The DVD won't chart

But fanbois ain't the smartest
And they know the songs by heart
No UK tour activity
Peart won't take part
He'd rather play some darts

Lighting crews and soundmen
Peart's lost the heart                  
He's low on personality         
Biking is his art
No chance of a restart

Time to call the chaplain
Can he do the drum part ?
One thing seems a certainty
Peart's off the chart
From the Land of Honest Men.

Red Sector PeArt

All he wants to do is just deprive
All the Uk fans who just wont get to see them live

Little signs of going to play
Staying home, his drums packed away
Shouting fans, his solos done
He's cutting touring down to none               

He's got a barbed wire fence round his drums so i read
You just wonder what's the deal                                                                           
Remember he wrote The Big Wheel
How can Lifeson's hairline still recede ?
Hoping that the cure is smoking weed.         

Fans think its insanity
Drives them to profanity
Ged and Al left high n dry                     
Won't lift a finger                                                                        
He's said bye bye

He hears the sound of postmen at his mansion gates
Is that refrigator here ?                                    
Lots of time to drink cold beer            
No more lengthy touring, so stays up late         
No need to bother now,  with his band mates               

Is Europe going to see them live ?
Or has our favourite band just taken a nosedive ?   
From the Land of Honest Men.

Less than a month to Christmas..so it must be Xmas Song Parody time again

Lyrics Fish/Jonners
Music Lee/Lifeson
In the huff  Peart

Got wind that's not surprisng
Christmas dinner was a pain         
There's no swinging with my heavy daughter         
Got presents, pants and socks again            
Dread dessert
Dread dessert   

Sick of this cold bloody weather            
And the in laws such a bore            
I need a pub to walk to               
Its ten beers then hit the floor
Cash deplete
I'm replete

The roast pototoes smoulder
The cranberry tastes like glue
And Boxing Day is lazy
Or spend it shopping in a queue

Got snow but i'm indifferent
Lots of leftovers to get through
I'll just take a sip of my Carlsberg
Turkey curry then for you.               

Boozing under the home bar
Watching all the Xmas Lights
Rip the pages from Peart's books            
Cos he wrote Headlong Flight               
Shred alert
Shred alert

Bleeding raw back passage
Tripped and lost a tooth
Can I face the knowledge            
That my youth's lost to vermouth
G and T  ?
From the Land of Honest Men.

Lakeside Park

Toronto's mayor is calling
A new park after me
We may be old and wheezing
No signs of new CDs
You've got to sit and wonder         
Is there any more  ?
He's pocketed the silver         
Now drumming's such a chore

My new park
Sit here and you'll freeze
My new park
It's full of lovely trees            
Selling guides                        
Career last rites            
Busking songs 'cause money's tight

Peart just loves his freedom         
Writing, rarely shaves                        
This bloke wrote Open Secrets
Now he gets the blame                     
For spending time with his spouse
His bandmates staying clear
He thinks that biking's magic         
So fecks off for a year         

The fans get in a lather
For a tour they all do pray
Hoping that the band
Can notch one final gig display      
But Neil's quite happy on the beach      
Why waste time together                        
His workmates just a memory                     
Your new book's not so clever   
From the Land of Honest Men.