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Simple pleasures - food and drink - fifth course

Started by Reg, December 04, 2010, 18:20:00 PM

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Calimari washed down with Keo (it's Cypriot, I know!), alfresco, by the beach.

Perfect. :D
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QuoteCalimari washed down with Keo (it's Cypriot, I know!), alfresco, by the beach.

Perfect. :D
Nice one. Did you know that Keo, despite being the best beer ever, is also the nectar of the gods. You can by it the UK too, 3 bottles of it for £5 from Morrisons - I buy it often as I lived on it for the 4 years I lived in Cyprus (I did the Keo brewery tour in Limassol as well). I do actually prefer it on draught or in cans, than bottled. A heavenly brew for sure.

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Just had a cracking smoked bacon and fried egg sandwich on seeded wholemeal bread. I needed it after a 4.85 mile walk followed by mowing the lawns.

Now sipping a rather nice Rhubarb Negroni :)
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Just made myself an Old Fashioned. I used Jack Daniels. Not my favourite whiskey but it's available in half bottles at Tesco, and if I bought a whole bottle of Maker's Mark or Wild Turkey I'd probably have hoovered it all in four or five days.

I used a dash of Cointreau instead of syrup or sugar. Slice of fresh orange, couple of dashes of bitters, lots of ice. Pretty good! Very similar to the version I buy in cocktail bars and restaurants sometimes so I must have done it right.

Made another one last night - unfortunately I experimented with adding a little more bitters than last time, and I overdid it. Still enjoyable but could have been better.

Still. It's a learning curve.

Just had a nice lamb hotpot with a minted vegetable selection of broccoli, Savoy cabbage and peas.

Just made an Old Fashioned with cheap Tesco brandy. Used honey in lieu of syrup or sugar, no Cointreau. Still rather nice.

Tried a Negroni at a restaurant at the weekend. Quite pleasant. Wasn't actually sure what was in it, though I could taste the Campari.

Checked when I got home - equal parts Campari, vermouth and gin. Served with a chunk of orange and ice. Not really my thing but not bad.

Been eating a lot of toast and butter these days... trying to cut out biscuits and crisps... and cutting down on sugar as well... :)
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