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Ghost Rider - Over Helende Wegen - Dutch translation

Started by Thenop, November 06, 2020, 10:30:37 AM

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Hi all,

Ghost Rider has been translated into Dutch with a small number of issues in print - 100 hardcover and a little more paperbacks. I have a hardcopy and it's really nicely done. Great layout (Hugh Syme was involved), foreword by Cesar Zuiderwijk (drummer for Golden Earring) who is very complimentary towards Rush and Neil in particular. Not a huge fan of Peart's writing style, but curious to find out what the translation is like. Was a labour of love I understood, done by a fan (Ronald van Dalfsen) i hos off time and he put in some 2500 (!!) hours. Took him 5 years to get it done...
This has the blessing of course of the Rush camp itself.
The translated title is: "Ghost Rider - Over Helende Wegen" and can be ordered at (although I think it sold out already)...
www.dewereldleest.nl (all in Dutch of course...)

And the site with some aded info (incl. playlist from the books music)
Arrogance Is Bliss

Its not a "great" read, but in context of what it is, a very emotional and heart rending read.

I didnt like his writing style much in the last few years, either lyrically or book wise, but there is no doubting it was a labour of love.

It did make me want to buy a motorbike though
The new songs are an abomination