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Other Bands / Re: Slayer calls it quits
« Last post by pdw1 on Yesterday at 21:42:44 »
Sad it has to end but Tom's just not having fun any more cos of his back injuries.
I thought they would go on and on like motorhead but all loud things must come to an end.
DVD/Movie/TV / Countdown
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 21:13:56 »
Late one evening in November 1979, my roommate Chris and I returned from the pub to find several of the other students with whom we shared a house gathered around the communal television, watching a man in a spacesuit wandering across what looked (a bit) like a lunar landscape.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Giant steps are what you take!” exclaimed one of my fellow residents by way of a reply of sorts, cleverly referencing the Police single Walking On The Moon which had been released earlier that month.

It was in fact Robert Altman’s 1968 film, Countdown.

I only caught the last ten minutes of the film, unfortunately. But I promised myself I’d watch the whole thing one day and last night, I did.

The events of the years which followed it have made something of a mockery of this film, which concerns a secret backup project to Apollo called Pilgrim, hurriedly put into operation when it’s discovered that the Russians are planning to land a man on the Moon before NASA. One of the Apollo 3 astronauts, a geologist called Lee Stegler (James Caan), is given three weeks to get trained up to go to the Moon on the Pilgrim spacecraft, where he must locate a special shelter due to land there a few days before he does. Once he does get there he is to stay put, receiving supplies from Earth every couple of months until an Apollo mission can be ready to come and bring him home.


The first part, dealing with the angst of Stegler’s wife, conflict between his colleagues, will he be ready in time, will the Soviets get there first and all that is actually a bit dull, predictable and overdone. I understand that the British release of this pic was 30 minutes shorter (I watched the original 101 minute version) and I do not suppose that the plot suffered in the slightest at the hands of the editor’s knife.


Nonetheless I quite enjoyed the whole thing, especially after our hero blasts off for the Moon.

Of course it’s impossible to watch this film without experiencing it as taking place in a sort of bizarre alternative universe, and I don’t just mean the ’60s. Altman’s depiction of Man’s first steps on the Moon is utterly different from the actual event that took place about a year after the film was released, but for me, that only served to make this part of the film more unsettling and compelling.


Stegler just climbs down from the hatch in the subdued lunar gloom and sets off on foot to look for the shelter. No TV camera, no speech, no Buzz Aldrin, no radio contact with Earth. Despite clear shadows on the surface it’s somehow almost dark, adding to the general feeling of isolation and eeriness. He doesn’t actually know where the shelter is apart from its rough location, and lied to Mission Control when they asked him to confirm that he’d sighted it from lunar orbit.

While hiking across the surface of the Moon, Stegler finds that the Soviets did get to the Moon first, when he comes across the wreckage of a Russian Moon lander and the bodies of three cosmonauts, wearing helmets emblazoned with CCCP. This made me laugh because the surface area of the Moon is about twice that of the continent of North America, and even allowing for the notion that the Russians were aiming for the same general area it seems fantastically improbable to me that he’d simply happen upon them.

Does he find the shelter? It's quite a watchable film, so I won't spoil the ending. You can always Google it.

By the way, giant steps are not what you take when Walking On The Moon in this film.
Other Bands / Re: Slayer calls it quits
« Last post by Matt2112 on Yesterday at 20:46:00 »
I’d like to catch this, missed them when they played Leeds Academy last time.

Saw them in Dallas with Anthrax and Megadeth two nights before I saw Rush (Time Machine tour) at the same venue; felt like I’d been beaten up afterward, but in a good way.  Just brutal. :)
Other Bands / Slayer calls it quits
« Last post by Thenop on Yesterday at 18:12:23 »
One more worldtour and they are out.

If they come around these parts I'll be sure to see them one last time. Even though the last few years they've become a very static act, and very rigid in setlist, I always enjoy them. Ferocious act back in the day as well. I remember Amsterdam '87 quite well, they appeared onto stage, shredded through the (Reign in Blood tour) setlist and 75 mins later they were gone. That left quite an impression on this 17 year old. Even though I had seen them in '85 as well in local club (no more than 250 people in there), this concert was way more impressive. Although I never forget standing outside of the venue in '85 thinking it was over only to hear Chemical Warfare blasting through the paperthin walls  ;D
Rush News & Chat / Re: Alex - We’re Basically Done
« Last post by Thailand Express on Yesterday at 18:03:07 »
Wikipedia has been updated talking about the band in the past tense...

"After nearly three years of an uncertain future, Lifeson declared in January 2018 that the band was finished" :(

DVD/Movie/TV / Re: What's in/on Your DVD/VCR/PVR etc #17
« Last post by Jonners on Yesterday at 17:06:57 »

Very good
General Sporting Chat / Re: Sports Betting Thread
« Last post by Matt2112 on Yesterday at 14:03:34 »
Well, after Trevor Fisher Jnr blew my chances for a return with a disappointing final round in the SA Open (being tied 7th after round 3), up stepped Tommy Fleetwood in Abu Dhabi for my first golf betting win of the year!  So that's a welcome €52.00 for small stakes out of Paddy Power's pocket and into mine.  8)   

With the outstanding form Fleetwood is in (comfortably top of the GIR stats with a remarkable 87.5%) I'm re-investing some of that each-way on him at 12/1 for the Dubai Desert Classic, where his previous results on the Emirates course bode well also.  :)
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 12:00:37 »
And speaking of death traps - as I entered the garage I saw that I had taken another rodent life. Not quite so tidy, this time. It had approached the bait from a 45 degree angle and got whacked by the corner of the spring bar. Still quite effective though, and I'm sure it was quick. Right over the neck. It had barely touched its last meal so I bagged it, flipped back the spring bar again and it's ready to go. That's six in total since November.

And another one this morning. Seven. Caught sideways on this time, more across the shoulders than the neck but I don't think it would have lasted long. I think I may start putting the traps between boxes or other objects, so the mouse has to approach from the proper angle.
DVD/Movie/TV / Re: What's in/on Your DVD/VCR/PVR etc #17
« Last post by Matt2112 on Yesterday at 11:46:28 »
From the other night, because I literally didn't have the energy to invest in something on my to-watch list, on Channel 4 I happened upon:

Spring Breakers

which is the usual stylised, lurid, nihilistic, vapid garbage from hack writer/directer Harmony Korine.  Fit birds in it, though.   
DVD/Movie/TV / Re: Coco
« Last post by Matt2112 on Yesterday at 11:40:00 »
Pixar's latest offering, saw this with Wife and the 2 kids last night.

Brilliant - animation is jaw dropping, excellent story line, very funny and extraordinarily uplifting and emotional.  Definitely worth a visit to the cinema....

Wow, lengthy review for you mate, must be good...  ;) ;D
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