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Started by zoony, February 09, 2021, 18:16:35 PM

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This is a programme that starts at 10pm on Monday night on channel W, which is 109 if you have SKY. It's about people's stories who had babies born during the first lockdown. My granddaughter, Martha, was born on the 16th April, and while my son and his partner were in hospital, they were told about this programme and asked if they would be interested in taking part, and if they did, to start sending in their phone footage. This involved taking some footage of when they walked down past our house with Martha for the first time, and filmed us while we saw her for the first time, socially distancing of course. Not sure how much, if any of their footage will be shown, but we've all had to sign a disclaimer giving our consent for them to use it, and they actually had a video call from Emma Willis to say that they were very pleased with the footage that they sent in. I think it's a 4 part programme, and if you do watch it, my boy and his partner are called Brad and Maisie.

Will be looking out for this Rob
Mon the Jambos

Brief glimpse of us on tonight's episode at around 28 minutes in. I'm proudly modelling my R30 t-shirt 😎.

We're on for a very brief clip again this week, only a few seconds though.