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Bravado Gloucester Guildhall Friday 24th Sept 2021 - 40 Years of Permanent Waves

Started by Red Star, August 25, 2021, 15:58:53 PM

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Who is going then? Hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Cheers, Chris.
You shall call me pisshead the God of Pintage I shall be...

I am tempted by this, even though it's a 54 mile drive. Only thing is it's the M5 on a late Friday afternoon. Wish it was a Sunday. I may still decide to go though.

Bought a ticket for this today, and will be going along with Red Star and some of his mates.

Realised I have two tickets that I bought in Dec 2019 for the original April 2020 show! 

Great night, very good show. Always nice to catch up with members of the RUSH family.

I was a no show. My mate couldn't make it and I couldn't be arsed to drive for over an hour after seeing them only a few weeks ago