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Events / Re: What's in your Gig Diary 2018
« Last post by Nick on Today at 15:04:26 »
Very much enjoyed last night at SW. Terrific musicians as usual and got a great setlist. Enjoy Permanating Jonners.
Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by Jonners on Today at 12:37:32 »
Angry Metal Guy is my new fave site

I now have new music from the following bands which are brilliant:

The Atlas Moth- coma noir/an ache for the distance
King Goat-Conduit
Power Trip-Nightmare Logic
In Vain-Curents

All really, really good albums, especially King Goat
DVD/Movie/TV / Re: Question Time / This Week #4
« Last post by Matt2112 on Today at 09:41:57 »
David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Leeds. On the panel are James Cleverly, deputy chair of the Conservative Party who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU, shadow attorney general and member of the House of Lords, Shami Chakrabarti, the SNP shadow spokesman for defence, Stewart McDonald, journalist and transgender activist, Paris Lees and the Mail on Sunday columnist, Peter Hitchens.

Hmmm, Chakrabarking vs Peter Hitchens could be interesting.  Did I ever mention I much preferred his brother?  Would that he was still around.  :(
Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by captainkurtz on Today at 09:40:15 »
Tool - Lateralus

New record out within the next 12 months...festivals and hopefully a U.K. tour next year.  11 years since the 10,000 days tour; unbelievable.
Other Bands / Re: What's in Your CD Player etc....175
« Last post by Analog RH on Today at 08:51:57 »

Goatsnake - I

For reasons I can't quite fathom I only discovered this band this weekend. Feel sick that I've found them after they've called it a day, and that I never got to see them live - especially considering the Nick Raskulinecz and Kyuss connections. They tick every single one of my southern / stoner / NOLA rock boxes. The track "Innocent" has been lodged in my brain for days: so so slinky.
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Slim on Yesterday at 20:42:22 »
Maybe I will at some point but I'm happy with the Kinetic at the moment; it seems to work well enough with Zwift.

Happily conditions were good enough this afternoon for the ultimate realistic road cycling experience, ie cycling on a road. Dug out the Boardman yet again (I'm going to wear it out!) and did a Twycrosser of 28.81 miles distance, although Strava only allowed 28.80 (why the discrepancy I wonder?). Not too cold. A bit blowy, but not enough to be annoying. Very nice run out, back at about 6:15 while it was still light.

Picked up a couple of spots of rain a mile from home so put my foot down, but it didn't start to actually rain.

Glad to get a proper run out again.

The forecast for Saturday is dry at the moment, earlier it was showers. But who knows what it'll be by Friday? If it's showers again I'll probably suck it up and do a Fondo.

Still only 81 this month.
DVD/Movie/TV / Action Team
« Last post by Reg on Yesterday at 13:26:58 »
Great to see Tom Davis in action again. Murder in Successville was right up my street, and so is this spy spoof.
Whilst Tom is great in the lead role, I think he is having even more fun as the evil enemy Vlad. Nice to see Vicky McClure in a comedy too after the intensity of Line Of Fire.
DVD/Movie/TV / Still Game - series 8
« Last post by Reg on Yesterday at 13:16:53 »
Caught me by surprise this - but I've caught up through BBC iplayer now.
Events / Re: What's in your Gig Diary 2018
« Last post by Jonners on Yesterday at 11:05:52 »
Got Wilson tomorrow night (Thrsday 22nd), then King Goat in April. Excited about that one, less so about Wilson at the moment
General Sporting Chat / Re: Cycling - 2
« Last post by Jonners on Yesterday at 11:04:54 »
One of the benefits of having a smart trainer is the ERG mode on Zwift, which nicely monitors/changes the power and cadence setting for you. I do recommend at some point getting one
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