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Simple pleasures - food and drink - fifth course

Started by Reg, December 04, 2010, 18:20:00 PM

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Calimari washed down with Keo (it's Cypriot, I know!), alfresco, by the beach.

Perfect. :D
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QuoteCalimari washed down with Keo (it's Cypriot, I know!), alfresco, by the beach.

Perfect. :D
Nice one. Did you know that Keo, despite being the best beer ever, is also the nectar of the gods. You can by it the UK too, 3 bottles of it for £5 from Morrisons - I buy it often as I lived on it for the 4 years I lived in Cyprus (I did the Keo brewery tour in Limassol as well). I do actually prefer it on draught or in cans, than bottled. A heavenly brew for sure.

Homemade fish tacos
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.

Just had a cracking smoked bacon and fried egg sandwich on seeded wholemeal bread. I needed it after a 4.85 mile walk followed by mowing the lawns.

Now sipping a rather nice Rhubarb Negroni :)
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Just made myself an Old Fashioned. I used Jack Daniels. Not my favourite whiskey but it's available in half bottles at Tesco, and if I bought a whole bottle of Maker's Mark or Wild Turkey I'd probably have hoovered it all in four or five days.

I used a dash of Cointreau instead of syrup or sugar. Slice of fresh orange, couple of dashes of bitters, lots of ice. Pretty good! Very similar to the version I buy in cocktail bars and restaurants sometimes so I must have done it right.

Made another one last night - unfortunately I experimented with adding a little more bitters than last time, and I overdid it. Still enjoyable but could have been better.

Still. It's a learning curve.

Just had a nice lamb hotpot with a minted vegetable selection of broccoli, Savoy cabbage and peas.