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Parody View for the NewComer

Started by Fishy, March 28, 2014, 12:34:16 PM

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And when Geddy sings
Shot in the balls with a gun
Why don't you tell us a story
After the song that you've sung
And Alex weighs a tonne
Gets everything at cost
He will pay the price
But the weight will not be lost

When fanbois have  cleared
The tour bus is denied
And the chips are too salty
And Lerxts belt size is too wide
If Neil takes a ride
Though sometimes he gets lost
He must pay the price
For a map asks whats the cost?

And when the music stops
Its time to go home on the train
That song Hope whats the story?
And that MalNar bit its a pain

And if Dreamline remains
We wish this would get lost
The album with the dice
Hate to think of what it cost
From the Land of Honest Men.

Quote from: Fishy on June 19, 2014, 11:17:48 AM

Anagram(for Bongo)

Here's a fake coming out of the farkness
Despair from paradise                                                     
End the need for Sweden                       
Check the stalls for merchandise

There is mic and mac in balsamic
Geddy makes a squeal
VT is largely tragic
And Ron he couldn't ronseal

There is some seat yes in the yeast
You will find you've been fleeced
Lerxst hair turning thin
New stuff returned to the bin

Caravan requires some assistance                   
In danger of being bland                 
Guitar volume is much too high
Peart needs taken in hand

Take fart from raft and feather
Caravan sounds cursed
Go fast from the barfest
Bare the barfest from the serb

New stuff is partly inane
It all sounds the bloody same
And Lerxst ain't getting thin
He seems to have a new chin             

Caravan will have its flamers
Mode will bow to dome
All the fans are in the house
You might wish you'd stayed at home

Sore is a sore from soreness
Redness around the bellend               
Lonley things like Peart
May find, cos he hasn't got a friend

I'm Peart in the pear of the part
Cryptic words are his art

This sh!te wears thin
Just toss it in the bin
;D That's a corker! Fishtastic

In anticipation of new_mercury's overdue review of Counterparts  :)

Stick It Out

Trust me the tour stinks               
And the setlist's restrained
The bars see some action                         
And your wallet's been drained   

Greet at the moment         
The solo is sprung
Tour program anger
And you've just been stung
Spit it out
The lager's like poison
Sick it out
The burger's been fried
kick him out
Neils' full of anger   
Pick it out
Can't swallow the fries

Video perplex                       
The banter it mings
Seems they're too lazy
To learn where's my thing

Try out Cold Fire
Drop video spoofs
The band is in crisis
And Peart's just aloof

Chuck it out
Caravan's poison
Here's a shout
Try playing Red Tide
Watch for touts
Shows played in hangars
He runs out
Onto his bike then he flies

These vids are just a distraction
And Geddy's jeans are tight
Each tour don't alter the setlist
They play the wrong songs all night

Peart can't get used to receptions
He makes himself a nervous wreck
Shove the fans into a blender
Runs away and banks his cheque
From the Land of Honest Men.

Independence Man

or lines based upon the reaffirmation of the United Kingdom

A Marxist man from Scotland
So hated Westminster City
He wanted to found his own fiefdom
On ever decreasing oil wealth

Because he had hubris
Cos he was vainglorious
Cos he was immoral
Certifiably insane
Keeping pound sterling?
Remain in the EU?
Still part of NATO?
Just keep things the same!

Eyes so Boggly
Heart of Midlothian
Reputation tarnished.

Independence Man
You can't keep the pound
You don't understand
What Union Means
Independence Man
Give up on your plans
Try as you might
You can't win with your schemes

To the rejection of his dreams he awakened
To face that one certain reality
That we all stand Better Together
As for the last three centuries

He set out his ideas
To break up a country
Preposterous notion
From one so insane.
He tried to fight us
He just couldn't beat us
This United Kingdom
On an Island of rain.

Legend in my own Mind<br /><br />

Not enough war
Not enough famine
Not enough suffering
Not enough natural selection