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Cycling - 2

Started by Dixkot, May 12, 2013, 00:27:41 AM

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HR Still behaving itself, although dont feel very fit

Doctors have now backtracked on their covid jab related theory on me, as my syptoms only occur when exercising hard.

Hay ho....
The new songs are an abomination

Not able to leave work quite so early today, but I wanted to do 30 or so again. Set off at about 4:30pm. The intention was to do the same route as Monday, however as I approached the turn for Norton Juxta Twycross I decided to shorten my ride a bit so I pushed straight on toward Twycross. After Twycross though I changed my mind again and decided to do 30 or so after all, so I pressed on right down through Sheepy and left to Ratcliffe Culey.

I took Bosworth Road, then left past the marina to Carlton. I had to take a detour at Barton onto the A447 due to the usual road up through the villages being closed. Not thrilled about doing that one in the dark, but at least I had a nice bright rear light.

I used the Tricross, partly because I hadn't been out on it since June and partly because, well, it's winter bike time again. Despite requiring a touch more effort it's very pleasing to ride, somehow. Something comforting about the sturdiness.


29.88 miles.

Cardio appointment next Thursday 11am, I am getting wired up to a machine for 24 hours.

Wonder if they will want me to take exercise
The new songs are an abomination

24 hours? Is it a portable pack that you strap on, or something like that?

I bloody hope so!
The new songs are an abomination

QuoteI bloody hope so!
When the nurse says she's got a strap on for you, better be prepared just like your bike..... well lubed!  :-X :o ;D
"I mean...unbelievable, you're a walking encyclopaedia!" : Rick Wakeman - Planet Rock's 'Tune-Adversity Challenge' 2007.

QuoteWhen the nurse says she's got a strap on for you, better be prepared just like your bike..... well lubed!  :-X :o ;D

Wet lube or Dry lube?
Legend in my own Mind<br /><br />

Not enough war
Not enough famine
Not enough suffering
Not enough natural selection

QuoteWet lube or Dry lube?
Best ask Jonners!  :)
"I mean...unbelievable, you're a walking encyclopaedia!" : Rick Wakeman - Planet Rock's 'Tune-Adversity Challenge' 2007.

The new songs are an abomination

I'm on call today, I had to work at 05:30 this morning and I have to work this afternoon so I thought that about 30 miles, yet again, might be a suitable distance.

I did a Twycross Bypasser, same route as Monday except that I went a little further toward Ashby before descending through Packington.

Cooler today, but dry. The sun came out later on, quite nice out there really. Uneventful except that I was gestured to slow down by a lady standing by the roadside in a hi-vis jacket on the back road behind Heather. A little further round the bend, a recovery vehicle was attending to a car that had suffered a smash, and part of the road was coned off.


31.08, 178 this month. 4118 done this year, perhaps 5000 is doable.

Last Sunday, my newly repositioned saddle started creaking like nobody's business. It led to hamstring cramps too as I discovered today that it had moved back an inch due to the bolt not being tightened enough. So today I tightened it up properly. Today though I think it's too far forward as I was getting aches in other regions and ended getting out of the saddle more than usual. More tinkering to do tomorrow then.

I'd also got a Garmin to set up again, after an indoor "training" session on Thursday it refused to start up to upload my data and a system reset just led to it starting then sticking. So, it got a full reset, which meant setting up all my data screens again and reconnecting all sensors. Such things are sent to try us.

Still, today was still warm enough to be wearing shorts and a short sleeved jersey, which is nice for October. Must have been too cold for others though as I only saw a couple of cyclists out and about. Perhaps it's just because I didn't get out until four  :-\ Same ride as last Saturday, but slower, most of the time loss occurring in the first mile with excess traffic and stopping for traffic lights. 

40.63 miles takes me over 6,300 for the year, looks like 7,000 could be on. Never happen again if I do get there.

Legend in my own Mind<br /><br />

Not enough war
Not enough famine
Not enough suffering
Not enough natural selection

Think I've got my saddle positioned correctly now :) No cramps, no aches, no having to get out of the saddle. There was a bit of chafing from my chamois though, but that was after I'd hit a pothole which drastically affected the positioning of my plums.

Didn't manage to get to a Fondo length ride today, I spent too long watching the UK Men's National Road Race championships. There's just something so hypnotic about the sight of revolving wheels and rotating pedals, then watching people struggle up steep cobbled hills. Perhaps it's just me and the fact the insides of my thighs still ached from yesterday.

Fell just three miles shy of a Fondo at 59.03 miles, but, I've hit 500,000 feet of elevation gain for the year. I think that calls for a glass of wine.

Legend in my own Mind<br /><br />

Not enough war
Not enough famine
Not enough suffering
Not enough natural selection

A lovely dry, sunny day. Not too windy. But cold. Not freezing, but certainly the first cycling day since March (or possibly April) that I could justifiably describe as cold. I left work early, determined to do 50. Since an 8mph wind was blowing from the west, I decided to make use of my beloved Flat A Road South of Derby, that runs through Willington and Hilton.

So I did that.

I didn't take the left turn through Hatton as I usually would; I just kept going and unfortunately I ran out of road after just more than 23 miles.. I literally found myself pedalling along a road that was still being built, and came up against a barrier across the whole road. So I turned for home. I could have added a few miles with an excursion off-piste on the way back, but in the end I settled for 46.22 miles.

I'd wrapped up warm enough. Really enjoyed cycling in the dark again, on the way back. Very atmospheric with a full moon right in front of me, through wispy clouds.

I was slightly annoyed that my front light gave the low battery warning only a few minutes after I switched it on, and it switched itself off with about 7 miles to go. Very nasty if I'd been coming down a steep hill in pitch darkness, but I wasn't. Fortunately I'd brought a head torch as a spare.

Big accident at a road junction on the way back; an articulated lorry had collided with a small van. Police vehicles were in attendance and they'd closed off the junction but I asked one of the coppers if I could turn left anyway and he was fine about it. The road surface was clear, no broken glass. I must say police officers are a lot more pleasant these days than the Hartlepool Constabulary were when I was a kid; they often seemed arrogant and bullying; throwing their weight around at every opportunity.

I listened to 5 Live Drive, then a programme for Black History Month, all about what we have to do to make sure black people are better represented in competitive cycling. Some female athlete was interviewed about it; she'd tried cycling before competing in as a sprinter. But she didn't like cycling because there weren't enough people who looked like her.

I must admit I did think that if being around other people who looked like her was that important, she might think of emigrating to Jamaica. And if black people aren't taking part in certain sports because black people don't take part in them, that's a text-book self-perpetuating problem. Not really anybody else's fault.

At one point the presenter (Elly Oldroyd ) did the maths for the representation of black people in cycling events vs the proportion of black people in the population. It just doesn't add up! She complained.

Which left me wondering whether the BBC intends to run a piece on encouraging white kids to take up track & field sports. I haven't done the maths but I doubt that adds up, either.

The BBC really needs a good sort out, it's in the grip of some sort of identity politics left-wing psychosis at the moment.